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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a visual form of communication that has been in existence for a long time, it is a craft that comes from art. If you studied art history and design history, you would understand how difficult it is to separate graphics from arts, and art directors can sometimes be mistaken for graphic designers because of the relations in their specialized fields. In fact, graphic design started in the print industry by 1920 and it has since then continued to cover a lot of activities around us.

Graphic design serves marketing purpose when it is used effectively, by making use of images, billboards, logos, magazines, video games, vector graphics, raster graphics color and typography that are great sources of attraction to viewer.

From what has been said, we can arrive at several definitions of Graphic Design such as these:

Graphic design is the art of visual communication that includes images, words, and ideas to effectively communicate to an audience, especially to give a specific effect.

Graphic design is a visual communication design that provides a way of communicating ideas using visuals and designs. 

Graphic design is the art of expressing ideas in the visual and textual content. The use of pictures, text, and graphic forms can effectively communicate practically any message one can conceive.

Here at CDM Technologies, we use our in-house graphic design resources to directly infuse the personality of your business into its products or services, enhance brand recognition, and long-term success. We take great pride in helping our clients to define the visual metaphors that articulate the promise of their brand. Take pride in your business by partnering with us and have your brand represented in the best possible light.

Elements of Graphic Design

In order to fully understand the concept of Graphic Design, it is vital to becoming aware of the various elements that make up a good graphic design. Graphic elements are integrated with each other to create a good design.

The elements of graphic design include

  • Shape

It is a dual-dimensional defined area that is created with lines. There are different kinds of shapes and they include: organic shapes, geometric, abstract, and they are basic elements of the design.

  • Line

Lines can be in different forms, it can be straight, curved, thin, thick, three-dimensional, dual-dimensional, and more. Lines are design elements and they are points moving that are moving in space.

  • Typography

Typography is used to adjust and arrange texts within a design. It helps to create content with purpose. A brand can effectively communicate to its audience through a design that has unique typography ideas.

There are several things to be considered by graphic designers when they are working with typography, especially during the design process. These include color theory, decision-making when it comes to texture, size, white space, body text, placement, and much more.

  • Color

Color is an important element of design; its naturally attractive nature makes it an important element of design that is used to gain attention. The characteristics of color are value, hue, and saturation. The value defines the brightness or darkness of a particular color, hue defines the family a particular color belongs to, while saturation is about the purity of a particular color.

  • Texture

Texture means the “look and feels” aspect of a design and it is very crucial in drawing attention. For instance, you can have a rough, glossy, smooth, and hard texture. There are other forms of texture too.

  • Size

Size is the amount of something, size shows how small or large something is. Size is used to enable visual interest in design, especially when contrasting sizes are used.

  • Space

Space is the area of a design that is blank, the area may be a distance between other design elements.

Principles of Graphic Design

There are principles that graphic designers must follow when creating graphics and these principles are a set of rules that help designers to achieve a good composition of design elements. The design principles may include:

  • Alignment

Alignment is the act of making design organized. It is important to align all aspects of design with the bottom, center, top, left right and sideways, in order to establish a visual connection with the design elements.

  • Repetition

When you have decided on how to use design elements, the patterns can be repeated in order to ensure there is a kind of consistency in your design effort.

  • Balance

By using symmetry and asymmetry, you will be able to achieve visual balance in graphic design. Balance is achieved by balancing the design in the weight, that is, the lines, shapes, and other elements. In a situation where two sides of a design are not of the same size, they should have similar elements. Balance brings stability and structure to design when it is properly done.

  • Contrast

Contrast is used to spot the differences between design elements. It highlights the key elements of design.

  • Proximity

With proximity, relationships between design elements are created. Proximity ensures that similar elements of design are visually connected to each other.

Types of Graphic Design

There is no single definition for graphic design. The graphic design comprises many areas of specialization, starting from print and web design to motion and animation graphics.

Graphic design has continued to evolve and the way people look at it continues to change the more it evolves. For instance, if you asked someone what graphic design is more than three decades ago, they would definitely be referring to magazines, newspapers, movie posters, and signposts, but in this present world, we look at graphic design from the digital technology point of view, because we in fact live in a digital world now and the advancement of digital technology has birthed diverse types of graphic design.

Having talked about the digital technology’s impact on graphic design, we cannot afford to overlook how graphics are been put up together and their applications, depending on the type. Graphics design uses a composition of visual elements to communicate ideas through imagery, color, typography, and form and there are several ways to put these together. This is the reason why we have different types of graphic design and each type specializes in its own area.

The different types of graphic design overlap a lot of time, yet they require different skillsets and techniques. Lots of designers specialize in a single type of graphic design, while others specialize in multiple related ones. Graphic design is drastically evolving, so it is important for Graphic Designers to develop skills in relevant graphic design types and strive to continue improving on them.

If you are looking to get graphic design services for your business or looking to learn, you need to properly understand the available types of graphic design. As a business, having a proper understanding of graphic design types will enable you to source for the right agency that will effectively address your graphic design need.

The following are the different types of Graphic Design:
  • Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

Marketing and Advertising agencies and professionals would be unable to do anything meaningful without graphics design. Graphic designers are saddled with the responsibility of creating essential materials like brochure, souvenir, business cards and other materials that help in implementing an effective marketing campaign because they possess required skills for creating visual contents that get people engaged. Graphic design is a tool that lots of businesses rely on to generate qualified leads that eventually make buying decisions.

Examples of Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design:

  • Digital Advertisements
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Newspaper Advertisement


  • Website Design Graphic

Some of the best parts of web design are choosing the right image, choosing the right image, and the right page layout. The design of websites works closely with UX and UI design, especially when the need to create an interface that would balance aesthetic appeal on the frontend page with the best usability arises.

The Following Are the Examples of Web Design Graphic:

  • Website Homepages
  • Landing Pages
  • Internal links and hub pages on websites


  • Infographic Design

The purpose of Infographic design is to help people understand data. Infographics are a great way to present information and make it easily understood by its intended audience.

Infographic starts from designing geographical locations on the map to traffic signs that guide motorists on their movements, and it goes on and on. In fact, there are many applications of infographic design today and its relevancy has continued to grow.

Infographic Design Examples:

  • Manuals
  • Brochures
  • Infographics
  • Menus
  • Traffic signs
  • Websites
  • Brochure Design


  • Packaging Graphic Design

Packaging is very essential for every business. In the retail business, every product is well packaged in the best possible way depending on the kind of product. When you take a close look at a grocery business shelf, you will notice that their product items have some kind of packaging.

By systematically creating shapes, color, lines, typography, and more, packaging becomes a great communicating means for companies, and it becomes a way for companies to communicate their brand personality and story to their audience and customers.

Food packaging, makeup, and retail industries are some of the industries where packaging graphic design is applicable to marketing. When packaging design is done well, it will massively improve the company’s sales, and it is in fact a product marketing tactic.

The sales generation potential of packaging graphic design means that it is important to understand and adopt it as a business and graphic designer.

The Following Are Examples of Packaging Graphic Design:

  • Makeup package containers
  • Cereal boxes
  • Food and item boxes


  • Visual Identity Graphic Design

The visual identity reflects what your brand stands for, it acts as the face of your brand and disseminates important information about the brand to the audience. It communicates the memories, personality, and emotions of a brand to its audience.

The Following Are Examples of Packaging Graphic Design:

  • Logos
  • Typography
  • Color Palettes
  • Image Libraries


  • User Interface Graphic Design

User interface graphic design lays much focus on the style and aesthetic of a user interface, whether it is a software application or hardware device. UI graphic designer focuses on the layers of interaction that human senses get appealed to.

UI designers focus a lot on the interactive sections that attract the human sense. Visual elements that users will likely interact with must be well designed for interface usability optimization. These include graphic elements such as buttons and menus.

UI designers need to follow certain design principles and usability in order to stabilize the aesthetic appeal and features. Graphic designers that focus on UI design can specialize in mobile applications, games, and websites.

The following are the examples of UI graphic design:

  • Mobile application design
  • Dashboard design
  • Game interface design
  • Webpage design
  • Theme design
  • Publication Graphic Design


  • User Experience Graphic Design

This type of graphic design focuses a lot on the logic and structure of design elements that users make interact with. Graphic designers collaborate with UX designers to enhance the accessibility and usability of certain products, and to also improve the kind of experience that users have with such products, with the right intention of enabling customer satisfaction.

  • Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphics design has become a lot more popular within the last few years because of the advancement and continued use of technologies. If you are not very conversant with graphic design, you may be wondering what motion graphics design is. Motion graphics design is a new graphic design style that is easy to understand once you understand and get used to it, and it has gone on to become an exciting design style for Graphic Designers.

Motion design comes from generating digital graphics that create a rotational movement or motion. The application of traditional motion graphic design can be found in movies, news productions, and television shows, while modern graphic design can be easily spotted on digital platforms like websites, mobile applications, GIFs, and more.

The Following Are the Examples of Motion Design Graphic:

  • Video Games
  • Mobile Applications
  • GIFs
  • Animated Texts
  • Advertisements
  • Internet Banners
  • Title Sequences and End Credits.


  • Corporate Graphic Design

Organizations show the relationship that exists between them and their audience using corporate graphics. The visual composition of a brand’s identity works as the face of the business and it is used to communicate in its tone.

Making your brand consistent is an important part of the corporate design because customers only respond to visual media that can be recognized by them and once you consistently put out visual media that represents your brand, it will become easy for consumers to recognize and engage with.

Graphic designers usually form an alliance with brand stakeholders to develop visual elements like color, logo palettes, typography, and image libraries, and graphic designers will develop the guideline for corporate design, to ensure that, in all current and future applications, visual brand identity gets applied.

The Following Are Examples of Corporate Graphic Design:

  • Logo design
  • Business cards
  • Business newsletter
  • Stationery


  • Digital Graphic Design

Digital graphic design is a kind of design that is built and created to be viewed on the screen. It can combine other types of design such as UI graphic design and 3D modeling.

Designers of 3D graphic design are primarily concerned with the visual elements of one’s digital experience, visual elements such as color, size, placement of buttons, and more fall under this category.

When 3D graphics designers work on a website’s user interface design, they sometimes collaborate with UI developers, who will be writing the code that will make programs and features work.

The increasing development of digital technology means that digital design isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it is becoming increasingly popular and being applied in diverse fields.

  • Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental graphic design uses design elements from several disciplines to direct people to places they want to visit. By leveraging graphic, industrial, architectural, interior, and landscape design, environmental graphic designers will be able to improve people’s experiences. It is important to make our environments memorable, easy to navigate, and more memorable and these can be achieved through an effective environmental graphic design.

Examples of Environmental Design:

  • Murals
  • Event Spaces
  • Stadium Branding
  • Event Spaces
  • Signage
  • Office Branding
  • Exhibitions


  • Art and Illustration for Graphic Design

Graphic art and illustration are perceived a lot of times as the same as graphic design. Graphic designers create designs to communicate and address issues while illustrators and graphic artists create authentic artwork design. Art requires a lot of work and forms, starting from fine art to decoration, and decoration to illustrations.

It is normal to feel that art and illustration are not types of graphic design, but there is a need to look at it from a commercial point of view. Graphic art and illustrations are created for commercial purposes a lot of time in the context of graphic design, such that it becomes difficult to deviate one from the other.

Some Examples of Art and Illustration for Graphic Design Are:

  • Jersey and T-shirt Design
  • Motion graphics
  • Design pattern for textile
  • Graphic novel
  • Studio Design
  • Album Art
  • Video game
  • Comic book
  • Book covers
  • Stock image
How to Use Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

The application of graphic design in digital marketing is becoming increasingly relevant and important. There is high demand for digital marketing agencies whose area of specialization is to make types of marketing designs that are fast rising.

If you are looking for an agency to handle your marketing design tasks, you can always get in touch with us here at CDM Technologies. We have a team of graphic design experts that produces the kind of designs that will create awareness for your brand, generate leads and more revenue for your business, and effectively implement your whole marketing campaign.

Best Graphic Design Software and Tools

Graphic designers use lots of graphic design software and tools to create designs. The choice of graphic design software and tools that are used for designing graphics largely depends on the kind of task that will be worked upon and it is important to possess adequate knowledge on one or more of the efficient graphic design tools that are being used today.

Computers and graphic design software are important tools to have when you want to make your design. The suitability of a computer system for graphic design is based on the specifications that have been described by the graphic design software’s manufacturer. Some software work well on certain types of computers and they don’t perform well on other computers because of the difference in system capacity.

Adobe products are known players in graphic design tasks. Graphic design software products like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop are graphic design tools.

Applications of Graphic Design

Graphic design is everywhere, it’s in the nooks and crannies of our environment. In fact, several hundreds of graphic designs can be seen around us every day, most of us just do not acknowledge them.

The application of graphic design can be found in the following:

  • Album Cover
  • Water Bottle Packaging
  • Online Banners and Logos
  • Movie Titles
  • Signage
  • Magazine Covers
  • Album Covers
  • Greeting Cards
  • Television Graphics
  • T-Shirt and Clothing Designs
How Can Graphic Design Help My Business?

There is more to graphic design than images, graphic design provides a way of communicating ideas effectively between your business and its target audience. The graphic is used in every stage of the marketing funnel for the purpose of communicating, satisfying, and convincing customers to take the next step and make a purchase.

You can design flyers and posters to create awareness of your upcoming events, you can design newsletters to keep your customers engaged, and design a product page to attract customers.

Graphic design can be of immense help to your business in the following ways:

First Impression Matters

The first impression they say counts, getting some of the best kinds of graphics that tell a good story about your brand on your sales page will create the right impression on the mind of your customers and prospects.

The easiest place customers visit to find out about your business online is your business’s website. Does your website have friendly and attractive colors? Does it have clear text fonts? Does it possess attractive design elements? When these questions are properly addressed, positive impressions will be made on the minds of your prospects.

The importance of graphic design in making the right and long-lasting impression cannot be overemphasized. When a prospect visits your business page for the first time and they interact with your brand, the kind of relationship that they establish with your business can be determined right from the first few minutes that they spend on your page.

Prospects can come across your sales page on your website when they visit for the first time, they can view your online ad, product packaging, posted contents, etc.

Creativity Wins Competition

Graphic design is one of the essential ingredients used in gaining a business competitive edge and in order to achieve this, the creative side of graphic design will be much useful.

Develop contents that that discusses new ideas and solves new problems in a creative manner. When you are creative in the design of your graphic, you will be able to tell many stories about your brand and how choosing to purchase from your business offers the best benefits, and this helps to convince customers to patronize your business rather than patronizing your competitors.

Enables Business Credibility and Trust

If you are looking to become credible in your industry, graphic design is important in achieving credibility. The more you post graphical contents that educate your audience or solves their problem, the more your audience builds credibility in your content and they tend to have trust in your business as a credible leader in your industry.

When you consistently create contents that build trust and post them consistently, you are building your business a strong followership base that has trust in your business and the content you put out there.

Creates Professional Image

Using images, logos, and banners on your website and all social media platforms mean that you are enabling consistency and uniformity and people will see your business as being professional when you are consistently using quality graphics on all your marketing channels.

Efficiency in Summary

Graphics design is vital for businesses that are looking to share information easily. It was reported by HubSpot that infographics are more liked and shared on social media 3 times more than any other kind of material.

Using infographics, you will be able to provide a summary of the information that your audience would be interested in. Too much information keeps a lot of people off most times, and when summary information is presented to people, they tend to pay close attention to it.

Humans are generally attracted to visuals and mixing graphics with texts will make the process of reading, understanding, and recalling information faster.

Use infographics in place of large blocks of texts to explain terms. Insert infographics in your “How-to” page and people will easily understand the things you are explaining, and use infographics to support every statistical data that is included on your page.


The presence of graphic materials on your business page and social media channels provides a way to communicate to your audience. Creative and informative graphic design can effectively communicate your information and ideas better than texts.

Persuasion Power

You can have the ability to persuade customers to make buying decisions using an effective graphic design. A well-designed graphic gets people thinking about your products and services. For instance, a well-designed business flyer can make your prospects and customers have a sense of connection to your brand and this will persuade them to make a buying decision.

Why is Graphic Design So Important?

Good graphic design offers a way of improving the way you communicate with people and it passes out messages in an efficient and reliable way. Aside from the effective communication that graphics offer, there are many other benefits that can be derived from well-designed graphics and there are notable factors that make the graphic design so important. These factors will justify your reason for investing in graphic design:

Graphic makes you look good

Good design enables you to create a good impression on the minds of people who are keeping tabs on you. It is normal for humans to create an impression about you at their first meeting with you and it requires a significant amount of time and effort to correct an impression that has been made about your business.

Starting from the very first time of coming across your business, a great design will make people have a positive impression about your business, its offered products, and services.

Time and Money

As a business, you definitely have a lot of business activities that will keep you engaged, you wouldn’t want to overstretch your staffs and add to their duties, so that their operational efficiencies don’t get compromised, and it could be difficult to add graphic design to the list of other things you have been engaged in. If you decide to join graphic design with other business tasks, it could make you become inefficient and the end result would lead to a bad design, and other business tasks may be negatively affected too.

If you do not have adequate skills in graphic design, it could take a long period of time to learn and that’s a lot of valuable time to be wasted and that same time would have been more useful to achieve other business tasks.

The best thing to do is to hire an agency that specializes in graphic design, to handle the design and implementation of all graphical contents that your business will be needing. When you hire an agency like CDM Technologies, you can be sure that you will be saving yourself some time, getting quality content, and eventually get a high return on investment by the time you start yielding the benefits of a good graphic design.

Keeps you Look Consistent

Graphic designers understand how to make your brand look consistent across all platforms you are present on. One of the ways graphic designers achieve a consistent look for your brand is to keep using the same logo, banner color, and fonts for the design on all platforms you are present on, this is going to make your business look professional and stand out to prospects and customers.

Graphic sets you apart

When you have a great graphic design, it can set you apart from others. The graphic that is chosen to represent your business can set your business apart. Great design can attract people, it can influence their decision-making and choices. Investing in graphic design means that you are increasing the likelihood of your standing out from your competitors.

It converts

If prospects visit your website and they find the website’s design and layout boring, they can be discouraged from browsing through your page further, but when your website possesses an attractive design, prospects would get attracted to the good look and they would likely make the next step.

A good design will enable more conversions on your business page and you will be able to generate more sales as a result of it.

It makes people understand your vision

People sometimes have a clear vision, but they find it hard to document what their vision is, and it doesn’t make the general audience have a proper understanding of what their vision is. Fortunately, there is a graphic design that can be used to document your vision and makes it become a reality.

A lot of time, graphic designers would add elements that improve your idea and the outcome would be a visual representation of your vision that is expressed in a better way.

It shows you care about your business

Hiring a graphic designer agency means that you care about the efficiency and success of your business. As a business, you would want to continue to deliver the best kind of service. Overlooking certain aspects that make your business better does not do your business any favor. You need to hire a graphic design agency like CDM Technologies, and the task of attaining the best business results would be a lot easier.

The graphic conveys a message of business’s professionalism

Graphic design plays an important role in the process of decision-making. Businesses that carry out graphic design efficiently are perceived by the audience to be professional and trustworthy, and people are always looking for a taste of professionalism in business to convince them that they are choosing the right company to do business with. So, it’s important that good designs present your business in the best way to people, by making a good investment in the design of graphics

Your information is summarized using images

A good graphic design summarizes the information you intend to put out to the public. A lot of people get bored by long texts and they tend to miss out on the information that has been put out about a business, its products, and services.

When you present your information using properly designed graphics, people will be willing to look at the graphics and necessary information will be gotten from the graphics when they view it.

Graphic Design in a Digital World

Graphic design, web development, and digital marketing work together collectively. A fast-growing retail industry must have an online presence, other kinds of businesses also need to be present online in this digital world we are in so that they can effectively market their products.

Graphic designers are some of the most important catalysts that make businesses present online. When graphics designers are able to create look-and-feel graphical images that span across several business products and services, they will be creating a specific brand’s pictures in the minds of many people and brand awareness will be enabled as a result of it.

How Essential is Graphic Design to Digital Marketing?

As a business, you would want to showcase your products and services. Isn’t it ideal to make your images show that? You definitely would be interested in displaying your pictures in pictorial form because of their clarity and boldness.

In digital marketing, the awareness creation of products and services is key. What you are selling needs to be known by the populace you target before you are able to draw them close to your brand. With graphics, awareness creation on products and services is excellently done.

Here are reasons why graphic design is important for digital marketing:

  • Build Brand Identity

When you have decided to consult a graphic design agency like CDM Technologies, your brand’s tone and style can be established in a unique way and this will make your business stand out from your competitors. The uniqueness of your brand’s identity means that your customers will become more familiar with your brand and you will be able to generate more leads.

  • Communicates Message Better Than Words

Pictures they say speaks a thousand words. You can get a lot of information by a mere look at pictures. For any business that is looking to make a long-lasting and positive impression, a graphic is an important tool that is used in achieving this.

Graphic gets the first impression, followed by the texts when it comes to passing the message across to the target audience about your business, and they both work hand-in-hand in helping to inform your audience.

  • Improve Sales

Humans generally like visuals and the visual side of humans can be put to good use. Using quality visual designs, people can have access to the information that they need about your business and how they will benefit from purchasing your product or service. Getting access to necessary information about your product will make create a positive impression on the minds of prospects and they will willingly make buying decisions.

  • Graphic Surpasses Languages

People are only able to read and understand website content when they understand the language it is written in. In the case of graphics, no matter what the language is, everybody easily understands images and themes.

As a business, engaging a multi-lingual audience is a necessity when you are trying to reach out to a large audience from different socio-background, graphics is a good way to achieve this.

Need Graphic Design?

How does your business stand against your competitors? Are you doing all it takes to gain a business competitive edge? Give your company the competitive edge it deserves.

In order to stand out in the competition, you need to present your products in a way that creates an impact on customers’ attention. We provide creative design solutions that achieve this.

Is your company without competent hands that can design quality graphics for your business? Do you have employees who can handle graphic design for your business? If your answer is “Yes”, you are in need of an agency that can design quality graphics for your business.

You cannot afford to get distracted by graphics design when you have other business activities that your employees would handle more efficiently and focus on, you cannot afford to continue to do with poor graphics and you cannot afford to do without quality graphics in this digital world where everything is centered around the digital technology.

Hiring a graphic design agency that has wealth of experience and skills in graphic design offers your business a taste of professional graphic designing and improvement in your business process, and when you hire the right agency, your business and employees, in general, will be able to focus on other things that matter.

CDM Technologies is a Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Graphic Design agency that offers graphic designing services. We have assembled a team of professional graphic designers that design quality and marketing inclined graphics.

Our designs are not only visually appealing, but they also align with the marketing goals of our clients. We strongly believe that every organization has its own needs, we, therefore, design graphics that meet up to the needs of our clients and exceed expectations at an affordable cost, and the outcome of the investment brings about a high return on investment. Kindly contact us to get more information on how we can serve you.

Graphic Solutions for Businesses

As a business, you need to find ways to attract new customers, develop working strategies for your marketing effort and generate more revenue. Graphics design is a business tool that offers the following business solutions:

Corporate Identity

Who Are You and Why Should People Take Notice?

Your company’s persona and identity communicate a lot to your target market, existing customers, and the general public. In order to make your business gain large recognition, a large sense of branded identity is vital. Visual identity can be achieved for your company through various mediums and methods such as colors, logo, advertisement, and using a consistent type of imagery across your brand.

Our team helps to promote the company’s personality and corporate identity by creating and implementing custom graphic design.

Logo Design

A properly designed logo must be a good representation of your business identity because it holds the trustworthiness, credibility, and loyalty of your business.

You definitely want your logo to be innovative, unique, and recognizable. Our graphic design team will design a logo for your business, one that inspires confidence in your brand and visually engages their loyalty.

We believe a properly designed logo should be made to work, regardless of where it is being used. Your logo should work on business cards, billboards, and websites, and they should bring about a quick and long-lasting recognition to your business.

Business Cards

First impression counts, you have only one “first impression”; make it count. Your prospects and visitors can make the decision to either contact you again or not, based on the look and feel of your business card the moment you give it to them.

Our graphic design team designs business cards with the right focus on designing them to make an instant impact on everyone who receives it. Your business card will possess a unique and sleek design and you can choose from available card sizes, paper stock, and optional finishes that fit your needs best.


Having professionally designed letterhead stationery is important when it comes to reflecting on your business. Establishing a solid first impression of your brand through your company’s stationery is vital when you are dealing with potential or current clients.

Our team of graphic designers will ensure that the image of your business remains consistent and professional, and it reflects the identity of your company.

Catalogs and Brochures

A well-produced booklet or catalog can help your business to win new clients and gain credibility. Our graphic design team understands that your business has to be instantly distinguishable even when the design of your logo is not visible on every page, in order for your business to stand out in the competition. We leverage our expertise in branding to create solutions that help your business succeed.

High-quality brochures are important assets that bridge the gap between marketing and sales in your business. The purpose of a brochure is to inform clients of your products and services and showcase what your business offers.

Our innovative graphic design practices ensure that each brochure that is designed for your business is driven by the same passion that you have for your business. The result is that your company gains a competitive edge.


Share your information and attract new customers by making use of the innovative approaches that we bring to advertisements. Our staff will walk you through the process of creating an advertising campaign for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Reddit, as well as print and other traditional mediums of advertisement. An interactive design style that aligns with your brand and best represents your company will be used to present your brand.

Banners and Displays

Highly visible banners are used for trade shows, events, and promotional displays. Our graphic design team understands how banners work, how it is more than just a name, a brand, or a message. We design banners that build your brand around your target audience and help your company stand out from the competition. We design steps & repeats to include your brand and partners at sponsored events.


Make use of posters to promote your products and services, motivate your potential clients and inspire existing ones. Pass your message across to your audience effectively and leave them wanting more. This is an easy way to promote your company, as well as build your brand’s influence before and during an event.

Presentation Folders

The act of using sharp and functional presentation folders when delivering your materials to your customers reinforces branding for your company, and it shows that you are professional and organized. More importantly, it shows that you are being considerate in conducting business, and this is what builds interest and fosters loyalty.

Media Kits and Magazines

Media kits are simple pages on the company’s website or a complex package of information. Media kits provide the company’s official name, mission, and value statement, as well as leadership and biographies. Media kits contain information about the company’s history, function, and all necessary contact information.

Digital magazines have gained enormous popularity and the industry continues to develop and grow. We can develop “e-zines” with interactive capabilities to enhance your level of engagement with the consumer.

Graphic Design Consultation

The way your brand is presented to the audience is how you will be judged. People mostly make their judgments based on what they see, so it is important to present your brand in the best possible way.

If the images and graphical elements that are used to present your business are boring, ugly, or inferior, that is exactly how people will perceive your business and the products and services that you sell.

You might have possibly worked with a graphic designer or graphic design firms in the past or looking to partner with a new graphic design agency, and it is possible that you are looking to hire a graphic design agency that will handle your graphic design tasks and this represents a whole new experience for you.

At CDM Technologies, we analyze and give great ideas. Your business can leverage our several years of working experience with small businesses. The services and ideas that we offer help businesses to improve in many areas of their operations.

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What is Content Design?

The content design has no single definition and it is applicable in website content, social media content, marketing content, prints, and media content, products, and services contents, and more. The take-home from the concept of content design is the fact that it is about yielding to the needs of the audience in the best way, meeting up to their needs, and exceeding them.

Content design is about strategies and critical thinking, it involves utilizing data and evidence to serve the audience with the things they need, and at the right time these things are needed and in the way that is expected by them.

Content design is a step-by-step process and it involves the following processes:

  • Research

This process is about carrying out an intensive finding on the task you have been given to address the needs of the audience and the way the audience connects with the needs. It is a task of researching the minds of your audience, finding out what they really need, and the underlying needs of the task at hand.

The required information to derive from the research include:

  • The people your audience are
  • The things that your audience want
  • What language does your audience communicate in
  • What channels do your audience use
  • What your organization wants
  • The things to prioritize on and how
  • What you must communicate, when and where


  • Find audience needs and map their journey

An important step in content design is determining audiences’ needs. Aside from finding information about who your audience is, there is a need to study how they behave. If you are looking to solve a particular problem, it is only commonsensical that you find out how the problem arises. You need to find out why the problem is being experienced by the people and what else they bump into. What is the problem about? What do people need to solve this problem?

The audience’s journey is about the relationship that they have created with your business and its products over a certain period of time.

  • Communication channel mapping

Find where your audience is, what they use to access information, how they get information, and the information channel that they use.

  • Determine language and emotion

For SEO purposes, the language used by the audience is important. You can only gain adequate traffic when you are using the words that align with the words your target audience frequently uses. For instance, you can find out if people search for “AI” or “Artificial Intelligence” more.

You can make use of Google Trends to find out the language that people mostly use. Other well-known tools can also be used to carry out keyword research.

  • Content creation

At this stage, you must have clearly understood the needs of your audience and everything that has to do with them and the next thing to do is to start creating content. The stories of your audience serve as an input that will enable you to develop the best way that their needs can be met.

What you will end up doing a lot of time is writing a UX copy or piece of content. The important piece of content design that cannot be undermined is structuring and writing content. It should be made as easy as possible to make users easily understand and it should also be fast to address the needs of the audience in real-time.

  • Make use of plain language

Your content must be easily understandable in order to address the needs of your audience. You do not have to use complex words and phrases, and you need to avoid using jargon. Keep the composition of your sentence simple and error-free. Plain language is a win for everyone because everyone tends to understand it more and plain language leads an effective communication.

  • Request for feedback

It is important to share the content that you have made and request feedback. A lot of time, people do not like getting feedback but it is an important thing that gives you an idea of what people feel about your content and if it is good enough to serve its purposes.

Eleven Principles of Effective Content Design

As a content designer, usually, you would want to just want to start writing content when the need for content arises. However, it is crucial to sit back and consider certain content design principles before going into the task of content design, so that the end result will be an efficient content design.

The following are the principles to be followed in content design:

  • Purpose

The first content design principle is purpose. When you want to create something, there must be a well-defined purpose for it, and the fact that you have been told to create that thing is not enough. You need to find that reason before starting anything. Also, during the process of designing content, the purpose of creating content should be kept in mind.

  • Simplicity

It is important to make your design simple. Simple design is about making things simple for the audience, you wouldn’t want website visitors to take a too long process or make too many clicks before they are able to access the basic features. Contents should be simply created such that they are easy to read and understand at first glance-through by the users and unnecessary negative spaces should be eliminated.

  • Consistent design

Designing a good website involves using consistent color schemes, background, tone of voice, and other design elements. Consistent designs are always functional and possess an aesthetic appeal that will make people stay and engage on your business page.

  • Typography

The most common and important part of social platforms is textual content. The size of the design elements that are used on your platform needs to be moderate in a way that text contents will be accommodated perfectly. The size and fonts of texts should also be made in the best way that enables readability. For instance, at some point in your content, you can make texts bold or even italic, and you can use a font type that is clear and attractive for people to read.

  • Accessibility

Content design involves creating usable and functional content for a targeted audience. In creating content, there is a need to consider different reading habits, abilities, and levels and there is a need to take into consideration some sets of people who do not speak the English language fluently.

Content creation is not only about long texts. Diagrams and visuals should be included in the content, to educate people more and this is where working with designers sets in.

  • Brevity

Users do not take every information that they see on the screen, they summarize information and take very little from it. Having said this, it is important to carefully study your contents and take off unnecessary parts of the contents, so that what you have left is necessary content that users will consume without the need to summarize.

Significant amounts of content can be replaced by images and visuals, so that text size will be reduced and the content will become more explanatory and understandable. Another approach is to also take out unnecessary words from sentences and make sentences become easier to read and understand.

  • Visual Hierarchy

When content layout leads visitors to the pieces of content that are important, it makes content design appealing. It involves using proper color adjustment, object sizing, and design elements positioning that drives visitors’ attention to the right place.

  • Craftmanship

In order to tailor your content to the needs of your audience, proper planning will be required, there will be a need to carry out analysis and pay attention to every little detail. This process requires an enormous amount of time but the end result makes it worth it.

  • Flexibility

Content designers are not supposed to just create content and post it live without taking some actions first. It is important to test how things work, more than ever before, optimizing content is part of content design.

The content that is created by a content designer should be structured in a way that will make it accommodate changes whenever there is a need to modify content, and content redesigning should be enabled.

  • Relevancy

Determine who your target audience is, find out how they speak and their use of words, phrases, and complete sentences. Being relevant is involves creating a friendly and warm welcome, conversing, and providing the right information at the right time.

  • Compelling and Informative Content

Consistently posting compelling, informative, and well-crafted content is an important principle of content design. Your audience expects to learn all they can about your brand when they visit your website, making available informative content will go a long way.

Content Design for Businesses That Understand the Value of Infographics, E-Books, Whitepapers, and Business Blogging

Now that we are familiar with the concept of content design, it is important to take a look at its applications from a business point of view. We need to discuss important content design products that will be valuable to your business, and these include Infographics, E-books, Whitepapers, and Business Blogging.

The Challenge

Creating compelling content that catches the audiences’ eye is one of the challenges that a lot of businesses face today. Properly designed content has made traditional posting and blogging become captivating visual experiences. While the style doesn’t directly generate sales, it would not be wise to underrate the ROI of a good design, how it keeps your brand relevant and attracts attention and these are benefits you need to gain in today’s media ocean.


Infographic is a visual representation of information and knowledge that is intended to present information clearly and quickly. Infographic improves cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the ability of the human visual system to view trends and patterns.

Infographic is drastically growing in popularity and it is what you can use to share information for a better understanding of the path of the targeted audience.

In recent years, the infographic has become an essential tool that is used to generate social media shares on several social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Through social media shares, you will be able to widen your reach on social media and your SEO will be improved the more people visit your page to access your content.

A well-designed Infographic can be used to achieve many important business goals. Some of the important goals that Infographic can help you to achieve include:

  • Turning complex reports into readable and understandable reports.
  • Establishing thought leadership in your industry
  • Sharing in-depth results quickly and efficiently
  • Stating the functionality of a product
  • Making internal communication easier
  • Correctly visualizing internal demographics

Using infographics, your sales team will understand the people they are targeting better. An infographic that contains visual profiles of each fictitious persona is easier to understand than a long report that contains lots of texts. Your customers will understand the necessary information about your products and services better when an infographic is used to display the information.

Infographics come in certain shapes and forms, and the best layout is used for designing infographics, depending on the business needs. Infographics have shapes and forms such as Flowchart, Timeline, Comparison, Roundup, How-To, Metaphor, and Data Story.


An electronic book is a book that is presented in a digital form, it consists of texts, images, or both, and is readable on computers or other electronic devices. It is a great marketing tool for prospects to educate themselves about your products and services when they are offline.

E-books are important kinds of long-form content you can use to provide value beyond simple blog posts and short-form content for your business. The E-book provides extended content that enables you to show that you have knowledge and experience on a specific topic.

E-books are important kinds of content for marketing strategy because they offer top lead generation tools and they help to generate leads for your business, they also help in the following ways:

  • Grows email list
  • Bulks up content offering
  • Establish market authority
  • Offers business promotion


A whitepaper is a guide that educates readers about a complex issue and presents the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter. Whitepapers are meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem and make a decision.

Whitepapers are content types that are used to build thought leadership and establish oneself as a go-to expert in a specific industry. It enables you to grow your online presence and improves your lead generation and sales opportunities. Three types of whitepaper formats can be used, and they are as follows:

  • Numbered List

A numbered list is the type that is centered around issues, a list of questions, and answers concerning your products and services.

  • Product Background

Product background is a primary type of whitepaper that focuses lies on the background, features, and product or service benefits.

  • Modern Whitepaper

Modern Whitepaper is the type of whitepaper that helps prospects and customers through the process of buying.

Whitepapers offer you a way of explaining products and services to customers who are unfamiliar with your products and services, and those customers that need the information to guide them. An effective whitepaper will help your brand in the following ways:

  • Generate qualified leads
  • Increase your business presence
  • Establish your business as a thought leader in the industry
  • Build brand credibility and trustworthiness
  • Generate links from appropriate websites

Business Blogging

A business blog is shareable information that is published on the web, it consists of posts that express the views and thoughts of an individual or a group on any given topic, especially in business-related areas. Business blogging makes use of blogging content to improve your business’s online visibility.

Business blogging is essential for the marketing tactic of your business and here is why you need business blogging:

  • It drives traffic to your website

Whenever you write a business blog post, you have a more indexed page on your website, and it is an opportunity for you to appear up in search engines, and this will generate and drive traffic to your website. When you write blog posts and share on your social media platforms, your audience can get to share your posts and connect you to a new set of audience.

  • It enables you to make conversions

Since business blog post drives traffic to your website when prospects visit your website through your blog post, they are likely going to fill forms and click applicable call-to-actions on your page and the traffic that comes to your website can be converted to leads in this way.

  • It establishes authority for your business

Business blogs are equipped with information that makes them capable of answering questions that prospects and customers bring up and when you are putting outposts that help to answer peoples’ questions, your business will be established as an authority to them.

What Do I Do If I Don’t Know How to Create Infographics, E-Books, Whitepaper, Business Blogging?

Infographics, E-Books, Whitepaper, and Business Blogging Materials make information appear in an attractive and innovative way, and that is vital for attracting your target audience.

If you have insufficient or no knowledge about creating Infographics, E-Books, Whitepaper and business blogging, there is no cause for alarm and you are not alone. In fact, a lot of organizations and individuals who are skilled at creating these materials still find it reasonable to outsource this task, so that they can channel their manpower, resources, and time on other business tasks and get the best kinds of graphic materials designed for them by an agency who specializes in it.

One challenge that can arise is: finding the right agency that designs quality graphics materials. Here at CDM Technologies, we create and design quality Infographics, E-Books, Whitepaper, Business Blogging materials and many more. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are just a click away from serving you.