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Inbound Marketing Strategy

You might have been thinking about adopting inbound marketing and you just want to know how your business growth can be enabled through inbound marketing. We will take you through the concepts of inbound marketing and emphasize on how inbound marketing can be well harnessed to help your business reach its set goal and objectives though an efficient inbound marketing strategy implementation.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method for attracting customers to your company’s products and services, it is a strategy that enables customers to locate your company. It is unlike the outbound marketing where you find your customers, your customers find you when it comes to inbound marketing, inbound outbound marketing methods are in use by many successful businesses today.
Inbound marketing uses some kinds of inbound marketing trends and methods such as social media inbound marketing, inbound digital marketing, inbound content marketing, inbound telemarketing, branding and search engine optimization etc.
We are sure by now you are familiar with the term “inbound marketing funnel”. We can break this term down for you. We are pretty sure that you have been able to create contents that have drawn potential prospects, and audience to your website and they have gone to the top of the tunnel.
These audience enjoy what they see and sign up on the website for them to be able make download of interesting reading materials, so that they can become more enlightened and educated about what you are offering them. Such audience have entered into inbound marketing funnel and they have been converted into a lead.
So, you continue to nurture this lead by consistently giving conversion contents in order to continue to move them down the funnel where they eventually get converted into a customer, mission then is said to be accomplished when this happens.
The interesting thing about inbound marketing is; your leads find you…and not the other way round. Today’s buyers are in control of themselves, they choose to educate themselves about products and services before they make purchase. It is important that this modern marketing strategy is adopted to cater for this kind of behavior if you would want to stand a high chance of drastically growing revenue and stay ahead in business.

What Is the Inbound Methodology?

The inbound methodology is simply the method of converting your company’s visitors into leads and leads into customers of your business, it works by establishing concrete and genuine relationship with your target audience, prospects, leads and customers. The evolving digital technology has made inbound marketing methods to become increasingly important and useful for achieving growth and sustainability in businesses and it allows businesses to build an efficient online presence.
Inbound marketing methodology have been very vital because of the change in how people use electronic devices and the internet as the means of accessing information from many sources. Inbound marketing is done mostly electronically and the massive use of electronic devices and internet has enabled people to adopt an inbound marketing methodology.

Why is Inbound Marketing Very Effective?

Inbound marketing makes use of marketing tools such as email, blogging, social media, search engine optimization and content marketing to attract its target audience to a point of lead conversion. Each of these mentioned marketing tools are proven performers when they are implemented separately. However, when these marketing tools are synchronized into methodical inbound marketing, the outcome importantly eliminates advertisement and its costs, it increases sales and leads to an increasing return on investment (ROI).

Why Should I Use Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing enables your company to build trust in prospects who in turn gets converted into leads that shows real interest in your offered products and services and they get converted into customers when they make purchase.
It is very vital to use an inbound marketing especially if you are running a company that has a long buy cycle. When your prospects take much time to make adequate findings on your products and service, it is important to build brand awareness and trust in them through inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound Marketing strategies enables you to market your products and services to your target audience and generate inbound marketing leads. When it is properly done, inbound marketing leads will be eventually converted to customers.

Four Comprehensive Strategies

The following are the applicable four comprehensive Inbound Marketing Strategies that have been proven very effective for attaining business goal and objectives.

Top of the Funnel: Drive Traffic to Your Website
Get Found: Drive Traffic Strategy

Your prospective target audience are looking for information and searching through the search engines, blog articles and social media, it is therefore vital to arrive at a good plan and implement inbound marketing strategies.
Build your customized inbound marketing campaign to drive visitors from a targeted location, such that conversion of visitors can be made into leads and eventually converted into sales by proper planning and customizing of your own inbound marketing campaign based on the location and visitors’ count.
Through our agencia inbound marketing, we will initiate your inbound marketing campaign by directing your link to other platforms with huge presence of prospects, this will be done to drastically increase your traffic and you will be able to keep track of your traffic. We are much more interested in the end result and we will make you achieve traffic results that leads to increasing visitors and sales conversions.

Middle of the Funnel: Generate Leads from Website Visitors
Lead Generation Strategy

Generating leads from your website visitors is a no-brainer, but it is not as simple as it may seem. It is important for marketers to take a holistic approach in generating leads. When you begin to drive traffic to your website on consistent basis, lead generation activities will become the focal point.
When your website has been optimized, it gets equipped with the web visitor identification and this gives room for the identification of anonymous visitors, and lead conversion tactics landing pages, calls-to-action and content offers. This is an advantage that can be used to generate leads, track visitors’ behavior on your website, score leads based on your set criterias and give your sales personnel the intelligence they need to get more deals done.
In order to gain full understanding on how to optimize your website, you will need to gain the basic understanding of the lead generation process.
What are the things playing out when a website visitor visits your website and gets converted into a lead?
Lead generation process gets initiated when a website visitor makes a click on a call-to-action (CTA) that is located on your website page or blog post. The call-to-action takes them to a landing page that contains a form that is used to obtain the visitor’s information. The moment the visitor is able to fill and make submission of the form, they will be directed to a conformation or thank-you page.

Bottom of the Funnel: Convert Leads to Sales

Lead Conversion Strategy

The motive of inbound marketing is to convert leads to sales. Whether it happens through inbound marketing event, inbound marketing website, inbound marketing webinar, inbound marketing conference or some inbound marketing platforms, lead conversion is one of the most important ways to enable business growth.
Online success is measured by marketers through website leads. For instance, in the case of someone who visits your website to make download of whitepaper, and this can take several days or week, this person may possibly lose interest. This tells us that it is important to speed up the process of following up on the market to leads.
Leads conversion will be enabled when leads are not made to wait for too long, and when they are qualified first. Other approaches are to keep lead warms through an engaging conversation by phone or other communication means and monitor sales pipeline that gives an overview of the lead. Implementing an Inbound Marketing to get leads through the funnel shortens the sales cycle and increase sales opportunities.
It is important to adequately manage leads when they have been gotten from any stage of buying period. A well-done inbound marketing automation will make this process simple and inbound marketing strategy will ensure a better approach.
What will the result be? Greater personalized marketing, better communications, shortened sales cycle, happier sales persons, higher customer retention, and higher revenue generation.

Marketing Analysis: Revenue Performance Marketing
Revenue Performance Management Strategy

In your company, who do you hold responsible for creating revenue? The simple answer is “everyone”. It is the simple fact that everyone that is connected to your company is in charge of revenue generation and when you have a situation where everyone is responsible for something as important as creating revenue, no one singlehandedly takes responsibility.

The interesting conversation about Revenue Performance Strategy is the fact that sales and marketing departments have the same business goal, that is, revenue generation. Marketing and sales funnel wok hand-in-hand and they do not work separately since they have a common goal and they are both components of the revenue cycle. Revenue Performance Management strategy unifies departments in revenue generation, it doesn’t just unify these supposedly disconcerted departments, it lays out clear plans and accountability for meeting up to revenue generation targets.

Avoid any sort of guess work! Using an efficient analytical approach enables you to understand inbound marketing ROI (return on investment). Whatever the goal is, whether it is to increase website traffic from SEO dynamism or generate a certain number of leads from an eBook offer, the possible results are either positive or negative. 

Inbound marketing analytics and data analytics reports are very significant because they help in identifying inbound marketing strategy that is meeting up to or exceeding expectations and it helps to identify one that is in need of improvement in relation to the set goals

Our Process: 8 Pillars of Successful Inbound Marketing.
Access the Current State

The current state of marketing in your company can be determined by assessing your needs, obtaining metrics on the current and past efforts, and carrying out a fierce competitive analysis so that strategies can be developed to yield the best optimization for attaining your business goals.

4 Questions That Must Be Answered
  • What Is Your Mission and Business Goal?
  • What Is Being Done Currently to Attain Those Goals?
  • What Are the Current Business and Marketing Process?
  • What Are the Available Internal Resources?

We commence with your business plan when we put together a strategic marketing plan for all digital, inbound and offline marketing efforts.

Content Marketing

We create engaging stories and visual contents that serves as a form of attraction to prospects, it enables conversion to leads, retention of leads and conversion to regular customers.


Platforms such as Website, Blogs, Emails, SEO and Social Media provide the means of deploying contents while we provide eye-catching contents and we implement necessary strategies that yield our desired results.

Demand Generation

We link your company to new prospects through inbound marketing services, by attracting them to engaging contents and filling sales funnel with newly acquired leads

Lead Management

Lead Management is used to establish the connection between marketing and sales. Through lead management, it is possible to track customer engagements and get the best leads for sales. We identify how marketing can exactly reduce the time for sales-cycle and manage prospects.
Marketing automation allows your website contents to reach your prospective buyers at the right time during the buying-cycle. We provide an automated lead management system that that engages leads beyond the initial conversion that has been done.

Customer Relationship Management

Our inbound marketing company link your company to prospective leads and customers through an integrated inbound marketing, by attracting them to interesting contents and filling sales funnel with newly acquired leads.
We make marketing and sales teams more efficient at their jobs and more effectively collaborating together by providing a CRM inbound marketing system-based intelligence that helps them to optimize sales process and complete more deals.

Revenue Performance Management 

Our inbound marketing group measures revenue and every process that improves customer engagement, together with their impacts on generating revenue. Revenue Performance Management involves measuring outcomes and maximizing revenues. For Revenue Performance Management to become very effective and maximize revenue generation, it requires optimized leads, wide-reaching and working processes such as social media, websites, blogs etc.

We implement consistent marketing processes that ensure that the appropriate targeted segment is much focused on. It will be possible to modify marketing strategies and processes when the need arises and it is necessary to monitor changes and take necessary actions as quick as possible.

Drive Traffic: Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Our inbound marketing process gives room for fair playing ground and it gives companies with limited inbound marketing strategies an opportunity to attract more than their targeted share of the business.
Once you have your website optimized and your inbound marketing tools have been implemented, it would be the right time to start gaining qualified traffic. Traffic driving activities such as SEO, blogging, social media marketing and visual content marketing will be started as outlined in the Inbound Marketing Strategy.


Blogging is a good performing inbound marketing strategy that is used to source for traffic to your website. Blogging helps to drive traffic to your website by creating indexed pages of your website and inbound links to your website from external websites, and these are important in determining your company’s SERP (Search Engine Page Rankings).
Search engines increasingly fetch fresh and high-quality contents in search rankings. When a SEO keyword strategy, relevant information for a target audience, images or videos and relevant questions that enables readers to leave comments are included in your blog, the outcome will be a high-quality blog post.


The strength behind blogging, in relation to generating traffic, is the fact that each blog post has a distinct URL and it is seen as a separate webpage within your website that can be indexed through search engines. The more you blog, the more you create indexed pages for search engines to display in their search results and it helps the ranking of your page on internet searches. It is important to consistently post blog contents that are fresh and contain quality contents that will interest your target audience.

Post Valuable Contents and Start Influencing

Blogging provides a medium for displaying your content and there are attractive ways to your blogging approaches. In order to make a larger and positive influence on the minds of your target audience, you will have to ensure you create and posts valuable contents that will make an instant impression on the minds of your target audience.

Different companies post millions of contents every day, some of which are highly competitive. With this high volume of contents in circulation, audience would be preoccupied with circulated contents. However, your contents can still drive attention and more audience when quality is not compromised.

You will need to create contents of higher quality than other contents that come out of search engine result. Your contents need to contain target keywords that will enable your contents to be easily found during search engine result query.

In order to reach larger audience with your valuable blog contents, it is important to reach out to top influencers that have voices that make them heard, influencing your contents through these influencers will create large waves for your blog content to reach its target audience.

You may be having the thought that you will be able to singlehandedly pass your written contents to your target audience but the thing is, you cannot do it all alone. Your contents need to be posted and influenced by certain machineries, they can be celebrities or top influencers whose presence are always felt on the social media, you can get these celebrities and influencers share your contents and at the same time link your posts to various social media pages. Just imagine the kind of attention and referral you will get when you are able to get these influencers to post and share your blog contents.

It is really surprising that a lot of people do not get the blog content posting and influencing approach right. Well, you do not have to get much worried about this. We will guide you through on how to post valuable blog contents and influence them, and you will be helped on the processes involved.

The Impacts of Blogging Contents

Blogging contents are essential ingredients of inbound marketing strategy and they make immense impacts on several areas that improve businesses. The following are some of the impacts of blogging contents:

Helps to reach larger audience

Blogging helps your message to reach larger audience when you have social media buttons that are integrated into your post that allows readers to share your blog contents within their various platforms.

Helps to build customer trust and loyalty

Blogging helps to build consumer trust and loyalty by helping customers to solve problems. Therefore, blogging serves as a platform for companies, where companies can show their industry experience and establish their supposed leadership online.

Attracts new customers

Sharing helpful and engaging information through blogging contents attracts new sets of audience to your website. The more your blog contents get shared on platforms, the likelihood of attracting new leads and these leads will be converted to customers at the end of the cycle.

Most people always have questions to ask about businesses, a blog content that contains detailed contents that helps to answer questions about your business will be enough to attract prospects when they have their questions answered through the content that has been put out there.

Increases business online presence

Well-written and updated blogging contents with relevant keywords are highly ranked by search engines and these kinds of blogging contents help to put your company up there with the some of the best. Your contents will be re-indexed whenever you update your blogging contents with new contents, and this makes your website rank higher and retain its online presence.

Improves Customer Relationship

Blogging contents help to improve customer relationship by putting out contents that answers general questions about customer enquiry and they also help to guide customers on the right approaches to take in solving specific problems.

Blogging contents also includes a section where readers can ask questions and make comments, and they will be responded to, and this only leads customer satisfaction. This helps to build a healthy relationship with your customers and it gives them the positive impression that you care about their satisfactions.

Visual Content Marketing

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, they say. When marketing contents are presented to prospective buyers, they tend be more attracted to such contents. Most of the time, people become more overwhelmed by text messages and it can be a real turn off for potential suitors, hence, the need to represent marketing contents in pictorial form.

In order to make your brand rise above all the clutter and move ahead of competition, companies must adopt the use of Visual Content Marketing from simple article-related contents.

The Impacts of Visual Content Marketing

In visual content marketing, images, infographics, videos and memes are being used for the purpose of marketing. The following are the impacts of Visual Content Marketing:

Keeps customers engaged

In content marketing, when you have graphical images mixed with contents, it makes your marketing campaign better and it serves as a form of attraction to your target audience. This form of attraction that images bring to your audience keeps them engaged and it helps to keep your visitors on the website or landing page.

Raises brand awareness

People are learners of visuals, they tend to retain information that contains images, videos, infographics and other visuals than information that is presented in textual mode. When people see images that are associated with your brand, they can easily recognize your brand by these images and your brand’s recognition is raised as a result of this.

Increases website traffic

Videos and images are components that helps to drive traffic to your website. When people see images and videos that attracts and interest them, they tend to visit the website that contains these contents. The reason why companies use videos and images as part of their content marketing strategy is to increase website traffic.

Improves conversion rate

Keeping customers engaged, increasing website traffic, increasing brand awareness and other gains that are achieved from visual content marketing only leads to an improved rate of leads, customers and sales conversion. Images and videos of visual content greatly influence people to purchase products and services.

Social Media

The significance of social media in laying your inbound online marketing tactics cannot be overemphasized. It is a well-known fact that millions of people regularly use all the leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, and it is only wise for businesses to find ways to harness the power that these social media platforms possess through their large audience or face the negative impact of being left behind.

In today’s business environment, a company’s character and visibility are as important as ever and social media marketing has become one of the most important tools used in gaining new customers.

Inbound marketing campaign can be delivered through one or more social media platforms, designed to drive traffic to your website and help to turn prospects into leads.


Social Media Marketing has shaped the way buying relationship holds on is head by giving people the ability to connect and interact directly with brands, they are also able to give reviews and feedback on products and services that they have been offered by a brand, and such feedbacks and reviews are open for the whole world to see.

Consistent and large social media presence will boost your company’s rankings with search engines and this factor makes it easy for prospects to find your brand. It is important that engaging and eye-catching contents are posted on your social media page in order to further extend your message to larger audience, create brand awareness through your posted content and drive traffic to your website. Search engines are now making use of the “social signals” from social media platforms more than ever, to determine how relevant and popular your website is when it comes to online searches.

Impact of Social Media Marketing
Below are some of the positive impact of Social Media Marketing:

Impact on Reaching Business’s Target Audience
One of the impacts of Social Media Marketing is the fact that you will be able to get in contact with your target audience, you will be able to continually engage with these audience, and attend to their enquiries and complaints in a prompt manner.

Impact on Brand Awareness

Social media marketing enables brands to showcase their creative side when holding social media campaigns and events. It enables a platform for brands to get engaged with their target audience and create a positive impression about what the brand represent.

Impact on Website Traffic

Social media marketing makes an instant impact on Website’s traffic. Social media provides supports for a lot of file formats such as images, videos and audios and this gives it the capability to share text, videos, audios, podcast and more between other mediums or locations where wider coverage of audience that brings about website traffic are covered. The most important thing is that your website traffic is directly affected by social media marketing and when social media marketing is carried out effectively, it possesses the potential to serve as the major tool that drives traffic to your website.

Impact on Brand Loyalty

Through social media marketing, brands are able to build rapport with their customers and they gain their trust through it. When trust is built, it leads to customer referral and an increasing revenue generation.

Impact on Sales

Social media marketing directly makes a positive impact on sales when businesses have the opportunity to connect to a larger audience from the pool of audience that are present on the social media and this becomes a major sales advantage when conversions are made in mass.

Impact on Business Competition

In recent years, there has been change in the way businesses compete. The evolvement of social media marketing has helped to shape the way in which businesses compete, with social media the competition looks higher because it looks like you are competing with every other business that has huge presence on the social media. Social media marketing provides a way for businesses to be present and attract larger audience than their counterparts when it is done better.

Email Marketing

If you send an email message to a buyer and it doesn’t get to their inbox, no matter how good the message is, it will not convert to a sale. By making use of our enterprise inbound marketing automation software to deploy an optimized email campaign, we assist our clients to develop a high-level email marketing campaigns that moves past the basics of an email marketing service and keep in touch with buyers throughout the stages of customer life-cycle.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In content marketing, you have to find a way to get your contents to be easily found by prospective buyers when they are engaged in searching online for certain products or services, the essential driver in making your contents found is the Search Engine Optimization.

An effective SEO ensures that your website is easily accessible in search engines and by your target market, and this helps in driving traffic to your website. You should adopt search engine optimization tactics that include the best implementation of the trending semantic search and user-friendly mobile site design experience to improve the quality of your website’s traffic and customers visiting your website. Better leads therefore leads to more sales.

On-Page Optimization : Our process is started with a keyword discovery process that lays much focus on “long tail” keywords and achievable primary keywords.

Off-Page Optimization : With the help of link building, votes are built for your website and they help to increase your website’s credibility and page ranking in search engine algorithms. The most critical factors in achieving search marketing success are diverse outlets such as partner websites, press releases, articles, bookmarking, reference websites, blogs and more.

Why There is Need for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an inbound marketing strategy that is used to improve the ranking of your website through the usage of appropriate keywords and phrases that make your website to be easily found by search engines.

In inbound content marketing, it is important to be found by your target audience when they search. These target audience mostly make use of the search engines to search for companies and the kind of products and services they need. Search Engine Optimization is an essential tool that is needed to earn more traffic for your company’s website. An efficient SEO is needed for the following reasons:

Earns Your Website High Traffic

Search engine optimization is used to primarily drive traffic to your website. An optimized content that is highly ranked will definitely drive traffic to a website and this will lead to conversions.

Helps to Locate Your Target Audience

Most prospective customers of businesses use search engines to get information about company’s products and services, and this search brings up results that are related to the keywords of certain products and services with the appropriate business information. This is a major advantage for businesses because it enables businesses to be located from the search results.

Enables Business Credibility and Trust

The advent of internet has changed the way sales is perceived for businesses by the customers. Customers now have more access to helpful tips on sales and viable options rather than call a customer service line before they decide to make a buy.

Search Engine Optimization helps customers to have firsthand information about products and services and it enables customers to learn more about these products and services. Through your business’s search engine optimized contents, there is opportunity for your business to create business credibility and trust with prospects.

Improves Prospect’s Experience

One of the essences of search engine optimized content is to get the possible best prospect experience. SEO algorithm ensures that audience are taken to a company’s website that provides relevant contents. These contents enable prospects to have a good experience when they are read through and utilized.

In a situation where a prospect is searching for a product through search engine and he gets directed to a company’s website that offers the product. If the prospective customer is able to get adequate information about the product, this will lead to sales conversion and the customer will end up having a good experience.

It Enables Business Analytics

SEO tools like google analytics can be used to track your website traffic, sources, conversions and other parameters that have to do with your business.

Carrying out business analytics enables you to know the areas of strengths and weaknesses, it will allow you to know how your marketing strategies is making impact on your business and the things you need to do to improve.

It Helps to Gain Business Competitive Edge

Optimizing your website allows you to move up in search engine result, your keywords will earn your website more clicks by the users while your competitors earn less. Your optimized contents enable your company to be found during search and your optimized contents tell users why you should be chosen over other competing companies.

Helps to Build Brand Awareness

The application of search engine optimization to written contents involves building your contents around keywords that your target audience are likely to search for and these contents reflect the image you want your brand to be identified as.

With the presence of your search engine optimized contents, your brand will be easily identified and it will help to gather your target audience.

Generate Leads

The moment you begin to generate quality traffic to your website and making conversion of website visitors into leads, lead generation strategy will become your next priority.

Generate Leads and Fill the Funnel

Get important information about your website’s visitors, this will help to create a rapport with them and fill your sales. You have gotten qualified traffic on your website, don’t let them evade without getting to convert them to lead. Our inbound marketing consultants will help to implement your lead generation activities like developing an attractive premium content, website visitor identification, smart landing pages and smart calls-to-action.

Our inbound marketing company helps to generate more leads for your company than using the traditional marketing way through the adoption of our inbound marketing strategies, inbound marketing solutions, inbound marketing tools, inbound marketing ebook, inbound marketing software and inbound marketing system. You will continue to enjoy the massive lead generation gains when these technologies and tools are properly harnessed.

Website Visitor Identification

Website visitor identification is a lead generation approach that helps to identify website visitors by carrying out the visitor’s IP address matching against

database of IP addresses that are in use by your company. Imagine knowing who your website visitor is, who they work for, how they arrived on your page and the pages they are viewing. This helps to make decisions that will enable you to convert to leads. 

Using the Website Visitor Identification, you can do a lot like these:

Getting real-time alerts when visitors come to your website and they access pages and content in real-time information together with the visitor’s online activity history, with this, a sale representative will be able to engage with such visitors who are potential buyers.

Getting equipped with enough insight about what prospects are interested in, and determine their likelihood of buying with a smart lead-scoring. Get good insight that will be of help to sales representative and marketers deliver the right message at the right time.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a major driving force for your lead generation driver. Let us look at this way…A lead generation process without content is just like a lion lying lifeless. Your lead generation engine remains stagnant without content. You can be marketing to consumers or businesses, and it can be both. Content marketing is an important means of generating leads that must lead the way in your marketing campaign. The more you have eye-catching contents, the higher your chance of converting leads to customers.


Contents that are engaging and interesting are important to have on your website if you have the will and desire to convert website visitors to leads. It is not every company that has formal content development strategies, interesting content topic areas, efficient content delivery system, content origination abilities and tracking systems. We will work with you to strategize, develop and pass the right content across to your prospective and existing buyers at the right time

Create Engaging Content That Is Valuable to Your Audience

By making use of our expertise in inbound marketing consultancy, social media inbound marketing, inbound marketing solution, inbound marketing presentation and hubspot inbound marketing course creation, our team can build a repository of content assets for you. Contents such as inbound marketing eBooks, video interview, inbound marketing webinars, infographics, whitepapers, inbound marketing ROI calculators and more that are capable of serving as magnet for prospects and search engines can be built by us.

The Key: Make available the right piece of content for the right audience at the same time.

The Impact of Content Marketing

Content is the engine of inbound marketing. Without content, inbound marketing is only like a car without fuel. The following are the impacts of Content Marketing:

Builds Trust in Customers

Content marketing helps to build brand’s reputation through availability of quality engaging contents. In today’s dynamic market, it is important to find a way to build trust in customers, and this can be achieved by showcasing quality contents. Building trust will enable your business to establish a good brand reputation.

Showcases Brand’s Subject Matter Expertise

Content marketing enables your brand to reflect its expertise in business by providing insights on products and services that will help audience make a more reasonable and informing decisions when deciding on purchase. The information put out there through content marketing is what sticks to the consumer’s brain and it serves as a positive guide in making business decision.

Enables Conversions

Good contents help to initiate interactions between businesses and customers that aids conversions. Content marketing enables a higher rate of conversions than other inbound marketing methods. Quality content marketing simply helps you to drastically improve your rate of conversion on your website because it allows you to educate and orientates your leads and customers.

Bring New Leads and Customers

Content marketing helps to generate new leads and customers by using educative and quality contents to convince customers in making a choice of product purchase. Content speaks volume, it makes people to judge and decide on patronizing businesses most times by what they read on the website and blog posts.

Improves SEO Efforts

Optimized content helps to improve your SEO (search engine optimization). The more you have contents on your website, the more pages the number of pages search engine has to display to users in their search results and ranking is done based on the quality and availability of optimized contents on the website.

Builds Customer Relationships

It is important to have repeat customers in business, they are some of the most important customers that helps to increase sales and bring referral to businesses. When people get informed about offered products and services through clear contents, they tend to be more connected to the business that offers such products and services. Quality and informing contents help to solidify the relationship that exists between a business and its customers.

Addresses Leads and Customers’ Information Needs

When leads and visitors visit a website, they tend to look for information that sufficiently educates them about your brand, offered products and services. Content marketing makes this information available in real-time through posting of educative contents on your company’s website or blog and this helps to keep customers informed.

Helps to Stay Ahead of Competition

Content marketing has proven effective in the way that businesses work to stay ahead of competition when in direct and indirect competition with other business competitors by showing in written form, what makes a company unique and special. The content that you create is pivotal, it can make the difference when customers are faced with the choice of choosing between different brands and this is where inbound content marketing comes in.

Supports Digital Marketing Strategies

Quality and consistent content helps through inbound content marketing to support every part of your digital marketing strategy. Starting from email marketing to marketing ads, there are lots of marketing tactics that can be used to attract your target audience. Content marketing is integrated into every part of digital marketing strategy and it is the pillar that holds your marketing campaign together.


Landing Pages

Blogging is a good performing inbound marketing strategy that is used to source for traffic to your website. Blogging helps to drive traffic to your website by creating indexed pages of your website and inbound links to your website from external websites, and these are important in determining your company’s SERP (Search Engine Page Rankings).
Search engines increasingly fetch fresh and high-quality contents in search rankings. When a SEO keyword strategy, relevant information for a target audience, images or videos and relevant questions that enables readers to leave comments are included in your blog, the outcome will be a high-quality blog post.

It is important that landing pages are consistent in the way they function, there has to be a high-level consistency of consistency in landing page features like email, action button with other inbound marketing tactics that drives visitors to the page.

Impact of Landing Pages

Landing pages are important part of inbound marketing for companies and businesses and its impact is felt in a lot of ways. The following are some impacts of landing pages:

They display and sell your products and services

In a situation where your company is just unveiling a new product, how do you disseminate out information that you have just created a new product that you are ready to flood the market with? It is clear that you would need to use the press release channels or social media. Adopting the use of landing page for the newly released product will give adequate information on the value of the product, its detailed description and how it will be of great benefit to your customers.

They bring in new leads and enable conversions

Landing pages help to get new leads that result in conversions when users are presented with downloadable resources and form fields that helps to take users’ information.

You would definitely be interested in knowing someone who is showing interest in your products and services, making available form fields that helps to take users’ information is a great to achieve this. Someone who takes his time to read through a 1000-word content on your products is definitely ready to make an enquiry on your products, making available pages that enables downloadable resources is a great way to attracting your leads.

They drive traffic to your website

An efficient landing page is one that is SEO optimized and has relevant keywords that will enable more organic traffic to be driven to your website. However, focusing on the quality of landing page content is not enough, it is also important to consistently measure the performance of the pages.

Sometimes, there may be new changes in your industry’s inbound marketing trends or changes in google algorithm criteria for search ranking, it is important to identify these changes and make necessary updates to landing pages content as the need arises.

They build brand credibility

Landing pages use problem-solving approaches that lets your company to be seen by visitors that they are capable of addressing your needs. Current and former customers’ testimonials get displayed on the landing page and these testimonials show that those customers are satisfied.

Whenever people want to purchase a company’s product, one of the things they check is if some customers have shown satisfaction and approval on that product, this is a very important phase of buying and it shows if your brand is credible or not.

If you have been providing quality service delivery and your customers are able to give positive product reviews and quotes, this will help to build brand credibility.

They point out qualified leads from the search traffic

Driving traffic to your website is important but it is not really enough and it will amount to nothing if the vast amount of the visitors do not make a move in the sales funnel.

Internal links that take visitors to the relevant landing pages assist people that are interested in your products and people who are interested in knowing about your products and services to stay engaged with your company’s website.

The presence of downloadable resources, form fields, webinar registration and newsletter subscription that enables interaction allows your company to point out its real sales prospects.

They help to attain your business goal

It is a known fact that landing pages helps to drive traffic to your company’s website and conversions are enabled through this. There are other business advantages that landing pages serve, amongst others, it helps to guide customers on the buy cycle and helps to attract prospects.

These advantages ensure that your business goal of getting and increasing sales are achieved. Getting and increasing sales will lead to business expansion, launching more products and services, and staying ahead of competition within the industry.

They create good impression about your company

A good number of prospective customers find your company through an organic search. In doing so, landing page serves the purpose of a door to your company. When landing pages provide readable contents for the users and offers call-to-action button or some sort of links to relevant contents on your website, they improve rate of click-through and make the steps to be taken by the customers easy. With modern day customers preferring not to have to call a sales rep or customer service agent, the steps that landing pages provide are important in creating a good impression about your company.

They increase webinar attendance

You are definitely interested in getting more people on your webinar. In order to achieve this, make available landing pages that are easily accessible by users during search and connect them to blogs that contains webinar related topics, promote them through social media platforms, and you will experience an instant and persistent increase in your webinar attendance.


The CTA (call-to-actions) side of a website is a part that convinces website’s visitors to move on to the next step or take a specified step. It is important to put the call-to-actions at every part of the website, including the end of the website’s post. This will enable visitors to take actions like making downloads of e-book, utilizing a free or special offer, signing up for an email list, purchasing products and services and completing requests that aligns with business growth.

Call-to-actions enables visitors to know what is next to do. In relation to Inbound Marketing, call-to-actions are texts or hyperlink buttons that take website visitors from the content they are viewing on a website to the landing page where conversion process from visitors to leads take place. Call-to-actions is being used on social media platforms, emails, presentations and videos.

CTA Metrics to Track

CTA (Call-to-actions) are buttons, subtle hyperlinks and paragraphs where the process of converting website visitors into leads starts. Tracking Calls-to-action metrics is a key step in achieving a successful marketing program because it is important to get to know the numbers in order to be able to track the overall performance of your marketing strategy. What your annual marketing performance review have in common with marketing metrics is that they are both designed to look for area of strength and improve on it. Also, so they identify areas that are not meeting up to expectations and improve on these areas.

There are three marketing metrics that should be tracked to find the strengths and opportunities in the performance of your call-to-actions.

Together with metrics such as social media followers, website traffic and blog post views, there is also need to track your calls-to-action’s performance, these includes blog posts, website banners, social media content and emails.

These three CTA metrics to be measured are:

Click-through rate

This is the amount of people that have seen your CTA and clicked it.

Clicks to submissions

This is a way to know how the linked landing pages and CTA work together, it tells how many numbers of persons who clicked the CTA filled out the landing page forms that are connected to the website. Tracking “clicks to submissions” enables you to know how landing pages are performing.

Views to submissions

Views to submissions tracks the number of persons that see the call-to-action, click on it and complete the connected landing page form.

It is important to track all these metrics for certain period of time in order to know your current averages and you can set target for future performances of each of these call-to-action.

Make individual CTA comparison to find common grounds between high performers and under performers and the obtained information to optimize calls-to-action in the future.

Convert Leads

The process of leads conversion is one of the most important process in marketing. A marketer’s goal is to generate new leads and these leads can be generated through inbound marketing campaign, inbound marketing seminar and inbound marketing webinar.

Having mentioned the importance of lead conversion, it is vital that lead conversion is done right in order to achieve massive gains in terms of marketing and sales. The very first thing to do in lead conversion is to qualify the leads first, don’t make the leads wait for long and structure marketing teams for a quick process. You also need to keep leads warm by strategically keeping them engaged and ensure that your sales pipeline is adequately monitored.

It is important that sales are managed efficiently once we have converted leads into customers. When marketing automation is adopted, it will simplify processes such that sales and marketing tactics work in a more targeted way.

The result of this? Improvement in communications, more personalized marketing, shortening sales cycle, more customer retention, stronger customer base, happier sales people, increase in repeat customers and an increasing sales revenue generation. All these gains are important to every business and your company as a whole will be pleased with the results achieved.

Inbound Marketing automation works by integrating email marketing, social media, web analytics, social media and others channels for marketing to generate leads.

Demand Generation

Demand generation includes marketing efforts that enables service/product and business awareness creation, this includes an inbound and outbound marketing. The essence is to create awareness on brand, its influence and positioning.


In contrary to the old traditional strategy that moves all leads over the wall, demand generation includes the following:

  • Qualifying and Subdividing Prospects.
  • Managing qualified leads that want to get engaged in sales.
  • Integrating marketing with sales.
  • Evaluating and refining results.

Our inbound marketing agency provides the implementation of demand generation services for our strategy clients that include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Blog Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Event Management
  • Nurture Programs
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Webinars
  • Advertisement
Marketing Automation

By using our marketing automation, you will be able to focus more on your customers, understand the marketing programs that are working, make buyers move faster through your sales funnel, make sales cycle shorter and increase opportunities for sales using less resources and little efforts.

We are now generating leads from the whole buying cycle and this is where a well nurtured and executed marketing automation strategy will make things easier for sales and marketing.

By balancing sales and marketing, you are doing most of the job already and this provides a more personalized target buyer centric approach and increases communications between channels.

The Impact of Marketing Automation

Brings New Leads

Marketing automation system uses search engine optimization, blog contents and social media activities to boost your visibility from referral sources, referral partners and qualified leads, and when this is achieved, it translates to getting new leads. Marketing automation system are also being tailored to measure successes and track lead sourcing across various platforms. Measuring and tracking successes and lead sourcing are good ways to know what works for you and how you can improve getting new leads.

Qualify New Leads in The Sales Funnel

Getting leads is one thing, converting them is another. Some leads will be converted while some leads will not get converted. By the aid of the marketing automation system, you will be able to interact with categories of leads through content sharing.

When your content is well written and readable, your leads will get more attracted to it as it meets up with their demand. Customer relationship management system that is present in marketing automation enables you to lay out criteria that your leads will scored on.

Identify Sales Opportunity

You definitely have leads you have been nurturing. If you have been putting out information that helps your leads to understand your offered products and services and how they can be of use, your leads will put you in mind when they have the need to make purchase. Your marketing automation system can be set up to send out strategic messages to your leads to rekindle their interest in your business.

Offers a Consistent Brand Experience

Marketing automation never get it wrong and they never have a bad day. Every interaction that marketing automation do on your behalf is perfect and they are always consistent with the brand.

Nurtures Leads into Sales Opportunities

When you are able to automate part of your sales funnel, you will be able to easily program the timing and content of marketing campaign to achieve the desired result.

Enables Customer Retention

Since marketing automation brings in leads when it is efficiently utilized, it enables lead conversions into customers. When customers have been gotten, retaining these customers pose another challenge, especially when you are not relating with your customers on consistent basis. The fact that some customers may not know about your new products and services is another challenge and they may decide to go to another company for the same products and services.

Marketing automation system helps your company to automate your interactions with customers. So that you will not be out of touch with these customers. Staying in touch with your customers through marketing automation system therefore enables and retains strong customer base.

Increases Marketing Team Productivity

Marketing automation helps to increase marketing productivity when it is well implemented. The traditional manual marketing methods that may be inconsistent are eliminated and automation enables better marketing outcomes. Marketing automation helps to increase your employee’s productivity, streamline workflow and enable more conversions.

Increases Marketing ROI

All marketing approaches are based on ROI. Marketing automation provides a way to keep track of, measure and increase sales communications with the intention to enable business growth.

Lead Nurturing

An inbound marketing solution that we provide includes an automated lead nurturing program that helps to manage leads until they have been turned into sales. Every action that is taken by the lead on the emails that are being received by the lead will make the nurture program take the next necessary action.

An efficient lead nurturing campaign is needed to help develop a long-term relationship with leads, since most of the people who visit your website and download contents are not instantly ready to become customers.

Series of consistent emails that contains relevant and targeted contents will build trust with prospective leads and help to make conversions.

A lead nurturing process can be mapped out for you by our marketing team, your campaign will be tested and implemented, your results will be evaluated and your program will be optimized as needed.

Marketing automation functions are email and auto-responder, these have been included in our inbound marketing model that gives you the permission to send out relevant contents to a lead after a form submission or other taken actions.

Impact of Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing makes it possible to interact with your target audience by providing relevant information about your business to them and giving them all necessary support throughout the buy cycle. Lead nurturing is important in business because it has direct impact on the decision that customers make, whether they are converting into customers or not. Lead nurturing makes several impacts on business such as:

⦁ Establishes Consistent Communication

Enabling frequent communication is a good way to connect with leads. Sales mostly go to the company that gives an instant response to the enquiry of thee leads and this is a big advantage to businesses. Lead nurturing provides a way to instantly communicate with leads and this can be thought of as a strategy that brings in more sales.

⦁ Brings Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities

Lead nurturing presents a way of creating an awareness to past and current customers on the products and services that your company is offering by stressing on the descriptions and product alternatives. Such conversations enable customers to up-sell and cross-sell during the buy cycle.

⦁ Brings Referral and Generates New Leads

Recent studies have shown that 79% of generated leads fail to get converted into customers because prospects show lack of understanding of products and lack of trust in the companies that offers these products and it has also been established that only about 27% of the converted leads are able to effectively use products. Lead nurturing helps to bridge this gap by providing necessary information about products and services, and this enables leads to have all the information they need to get through the sales funnel and conversions take place easily in this case since they have been equipped with adequate education on the offered products and services.

⦁ Create Loyal Customers

retaining customers your company’s existing customers is as important as acquiring new customers. Your company’s goal will be hard to achieve if customers only patronize your business and they don’t come back.

Lead nurturing helps in closing your business deals with the intention of enabling a lifetime customer value. Nurtured leads get converted to customers that want to maximize the use of their purchase, when these customers are being worked with to ensure that they get the best product outcome, it gives customers an image of what to always expect from your company, and they tend to always come back to patronize your business and make referrals if the business outcome is positive

⦁ Increases Product’s Order Value

When the right effort is taken to bring about an effective lead nurturing strategy in order to meet up with the needs of leads, this will result in an improvement in the value of your company’s products. Through nurturing contents, effective communication and interactions, lead will be able to easily identify how your products will provide a great return on their investment.

Many leads do not mind spending more on products that have been perceived by them to be of great value, their interests lie in value for money, so lead nurturing raises and make the value of products known, and it helps to increase the order value of products.

⦁ Reduces the Cost of Customer Acquisition for an Improved ROI

The ability to raise high quality leads through lead nurturing brings about reduction in the cost of acquiring new customers. With the effort in place in place to promote business process, lead nurturing helps to increase customer base without incurring high cost, this cost reduction turns to an improvement in ROI.

⦁ Drives Sales

According to Annuitas group, companies with an effective lead nurturing strategy makes 47% higher rate of purchases than companies without lead nurturing strategy. With this reported insight, it is obvious that lead nurturing helps to drive more sales.

Measure and Data Analysis

When you measure performance, that’s when its true reflection shows and you will be able to decisively improve or manage it.

CEOs, MDs, CFOs and CMOs more than ever now want to make inbound marketing return on investment a high number while looking for ways to get the best out of their marketing investment. With an inbound marketing solution, there comes a way to monitor the return on investment for dollars marketing.

The marketing return on investment, accurate assessment of campaign performance and competitor analysis are carried out in an efficient marketing campaign. It is vital that actionable goals, key performance indicators that are related to specific areas of growth are set prior to implementing any marketing campaigns.

It is important that your company focuses on how your efforts towards marketing are performing and make adjustment to them accordingly, rather than just focusing on performance of your website analytics.

Marketing analytics is the exact measurement and maximization of your marketing events. When a question is asked on how your marketing campaign went, the data that has been made available by your marketing software enables you to clearly assess your marketing performance in an accurate manner.

You will be able to make marketing analysis on (1) the way the marketing campaign has been executed (2) the time of the day you did the marketing campaign (3) the vehicles that were uses and (4) the conversations and engagements offsite that came from your inbound marketing efforts.

You need to review your inbound marketing activities either weekly or monthly by analyzing the numbers, depending on your kind of business. From this analysis, you will be able to know what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Campaign Performance

Measuring campaign performance involves reporting your visitor’s count, time spent on website, conversions and it also involves measuring KPI-driven results like conversations, shares, comments and likes.

Through our inbound marketing software solution, you will be able to generate an inbound marketing report, and specify your performance goal like making an increase in website traffic by a large percentage within a particular period of time and you will be shown the rate of progress you are making towards achieving your performance goal.

It is important to have this software in order to identify reasonable goals when you move forward to adjust and implement new campaigns in the future.

The way marketers think is in line with campaigns and not necessarily in terms of website; you will therefore like it that our inbound marketing solution gives room for management of campaign in multiple ways. Each action that is taken in the software dashboard is given to a defined campaign. Costs are assigned to campaigns, and the value of a lead under that campaign and this provides you a measurable return-on-investment (ROI) data that indicates the effectiveness of the particular marketing effort.

The campaign performance management aspect of inbound marketing integrates and automates the planning, executing, assessing and refining of possible highly subdivided campaigns that runs daily, weekly, monthly or intermittently.

Benefits of Campaign Performance Management

⦁ Increases the Effectiveness of Marketing Campaign

Campaign performance management gives information about the performance of a marketing campaign, it identifies the areas marketing is doing well and its areas of weaknesses, and it helps to improve the efficiency of marketing campaign.

⦁ Connects Marketing Performance to Financial Performance

It enables a kind of working bond between marketing and finance.

⦁ Maintains Accountability

It makes available reviews strategy and feedback.

⦁ Keeps Focus on Result

It lays much focus on the results of marketing rather than personalities.

⦁ Optimizes Costs

It regulates all marketing activities and assigns budgets as the need arises.

⦁ Aligns marketing performance to set goals

It helps in identifying and prioritizing available marketing opportunities, and verify marketing strategies.

⦁ It provides marketing records

It gives an overview of the entire marketing events and activities.

Increases the effectiveness of marketing campaign

Marketing campaigns use digital media to track the status and achievement of marketing campaign and through it, things that are working and things that are not working are shown to the marketer.

Tracking a marketing campaign will enable you to know what is working and what isn’t. Marketing teams and individual marketers will be able to find out what is working and what isn’t, and what they need to do to ensure that they attain their marketing goals.

Marketing Data Analytics

Marketers usually make marketing decisions based on the data they get from website metrics or individual channels without taking into consideration the whole picture of marketing. Making use of social media data and web analytics data is not enough, and using tools that look at only snapshots in time for a channel are not adequate. Marketing analytic that is done by our software considers all marketing efforts across every channel over a period of time and the derived data is sufficient for good decision making, effective and an efficient program execution.

Marketing analytic give you no real value in the information it gives, unless it is being acted upon. By testing and learning, marketing analytic lets you improve marketing program performance by identifying the deficiencies in channels, adjusting tactics as the need arises and optimizing your processes.

Marketing analytics enables more efficient marketing campaigns and it makes marketing more successful by letting you close the gap in relation to your marketing investments and efforts.

Questions Marketing Data Analytics Can Answer

The importance of Marketing Data Analytics cannot be overemphasized and when it is efficiently used to carry out analysis on ROI inbound marketing and everything involved in marketing, the following questions will be answered:

How do you enable customer base growth?

The number of persons that responded to your marketing campaign?

What kind of persons are those that responded to your marketing campaign?

What are the leads interested in?

Why did leads make a click?

How many lead conversions were made during your marketing campaign?

How many leads have been converted to customers?

How effective is your marketing campaign towards attaining your marketing goal?

How do you increase website visitors?

How do you increase visitor-to-lead and lead-to-customer conversion rate?

Competition Insight Analysis

There is massive competition in the business world, so it is not a surprise that every company has its own competitor. The competition between businesses can be direct or indirect, but the competition is always present. You can find home improvement companies competing with the do-it-yourselfer.

If you looked all around your immediate environment, you definitely would find competition. When your company is in direct or indirect competition with another company, you have to keep an eye on what your competitor is doing, if you don’t, you will look up and watch them take more of the market share from you.

Move ahead of business competition by using the competition insight analysis that is available in our marketing software. You will be able to gain an insight on how your competitors are performing when you set up a comparative analysis between your competitors and your company and use the ability to track rankings, SEO keywords, inbound links and more.

Utilize the data you derive from competition insight analysis to improve your efforts towards marketing and enable your company move ahead of competition such that your target audience are attracted to your business and they are able to do business with your company.

Impacts of Competition Insight Analysis

It gives you information about your competitor’s online weaknesses and areas of strength.

It identifies your competitor’s keywords that make them highly ranked on google and their quality backlinks.

It helps you to identify some actions that are needed to be taken by your company in order to gain competitive edge.