Director of Technology

Brief info

Colin O’Dell is responsible for identifying and implementing technologies and best-practices that provide exceptional experiences for Unleashed clients and their end-users

Colin joined Unleashed in 2008 as a PHP developer and quickly expanded into other languages such as JavaScript, Go, and Python. Over the last decade, he has led efforts to develop several content management systems, custom web applications with Symfony, Magento e-commerce solutions, Drupal sites, and custom projects.

Simultaneously, he has steadily grown his expertise and responsibilities at Unleashed. This includes working closely with the development and hosting teams to implement new technologies and modern DevOps methodologies. These efforts have enabled the development of custom-tailor solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Colin is also highly involved in the PHP community. He maintains multiple open-source projects, including the PHP League’s CommonMark project, which has millions of monthly new installations. He also authored the PHP 7 Upgrade Guide, the first full-length book released for that new generation of the programming language.

With substantial knowledge of development, security, DevOps, debugging, and more, Colin regularly shares his expertise through Unleashed webinars and blogs, and speaks at industry conferences across the country and internationally.

Colin’s knowledge has grown over a lifetime developing a deep understanding of technology programming. He first started programming at the age of 8 and sold his first commercial application just four years later. After tinkering with different languages and technologies, he focused on web application development and co-founded a web company at 15.

In addition to working on websites and applications, Colin also enjoys working on home automation and DIY electronics projects.