who we are

Our History

Our history traces back to 2005. We have brought together two leading digital marketing organizations to provide a full suite of marketing services for your business. Not only do we provide top of the line website for your organization we also have developed tools generate high quality leads for your business.

We have key staff locations in the NYC metro area, DC/Baltimore area as well Detroit, MI.

We started this business because for too many companies online marketing was becoming too complicated and expensive. We consulted with several companies that were paying a lot of money for a blogging campaign. It was shared to their social media outlets. You know who liked the posts – the same friends, family, and employees of the marketing company each time! This doesn’t grow the reach of your posts. Sure, you can pay to boost posts, but to do it organically is what is best for your business. On top of that we had other clients share with us that they were having trouble finding potential leads for sales.

We listened! We set out to simplify what you need to be successful and come up with a strategy to improve all aspects of your business. Our product offerings are always clear and our deliverables to you will be top notch. We use a simplified pricing scheme to make sure you know what you are paying for. We want to see your business grow so you will send more business our way. We will provide reports where needed to show how we are performing.

We have one client who spent a lot of money for a website, and it ended up taking them 18 months to release it. It had a lot of fancy bells and whistles that made it look nice. The owner of the business was surprised when after all that the traffic to the webpage was about the same. At CDM Strategies we make sure our deliverables are clear and prompt to help your business grow. Our philosophy is that all the tools we use need to be used together to grow your business. You can’t drop a great website if no one knows it is there. Same with social media if you don’t have a call to action. So, we work to bring your business up to the current standards to let you succeed. How fast we go is your choice. That is why we offer low-cost models to start all the way up to fully customized web pages to grow with your business. We can have a simple page done for you in a couple of days.

We’re a team of
talented developers & designers