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What is Graphic Design?

First impressions count! Your website is the first place that your potential customers visit when they find you online, it is highly significant that you have a working and user-friendly website that has the right kind of functionalities and contents.

With 97% of customers that are looking for product or service that they need doing their search online via the Internet, your website really is your on-line advertisement and store-front to the world. Your website does not only need to look great on all mobile devices and be easy to navigate, but it should also work to help you grow your business by attracting and converting leads. Your website serves as the hub for all your online marketing efforts.

If you currently have a company website but you are having difficulties in driving traffic to your website and converting website visitors to leads, it’s time to consider getting a website redesign.

Our website design and development team at Complete Digital Marketing builds custom websites using the robust content management system (CMS) WordPress. Every website we build for our clients is designed to increase traffic and convert visitors. We’ll design your company website with the specific purpose of supporting your business and marketing goals, and maximize the reach and impact of your brand.

All the websites we build are responsive websites, which means that they are websites that automatically adapt in size to the device that a visitor is using to view our designed websites. As a result of the responsiveness of our designed websites, your visitors will have a great visual and navigational user experience from a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

In our strategic planning and building of your website, our team ensures that your website is search engine optimized (SEO), and assets like blogs, social media integration, landing pages, links, and call-to-actions are included, so that your website will be easily found by your target audience and conversions will massively occur.

Website Design

Website design can be thought of as an architectural design. A real-life scenario that can be likened to a situation where you have an architect poorly design the layout of a building for a client, it is expected that the owner would prefer a great design layout. Website design is therefore about good design practices.

Here at Complete Digital Marketing our team of experts that have the right competency in the design of dynamic websites and webpages. We build robust and scalable websites for individuals and corporate organizations by following sets of design procedures. Our designed websites come with the following benefits:

Generate Traffic

SEO: We conduct search engine keyword research that leads to the inclusion of target keywords on the pages of your website for search engine optimization.

Social Media: We integrate your social media profiles and social sharing functionality into your website, such that your visitors can easily share your content (blogs, webpages, offers, etc.) with their network.

The inclusion of social media serves as social proof that makes your brand look credible and it turns your website into an online networking tool.

Email Marketing: Your website serves as a landing page for every communication you release via email marketing. We’ll provide you a custom-designed email template that matches the style of the website we design for you and strategically place an email sign-up field on your website that will encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list.

Engage Visitors

Design: The design quality of a website directly affects a visitor’s perception of a company. Great design creates trust and compels action; therefore, every website must align with the brand, communicate value quickly, and appeal to the target audience and buyer personas.

User Experience: Websites must provide a great user experience and not be confusing or problematic for the visitor. The information a visitor is looking to find on your website must be easy to find. Good placement of conversion elements, sensible navigation labels and page hierarchy, and other features help provide for a good user experience. This helps to prevent “drop-offs” from your website and encourages visitors to surf around longer on your website.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive Websites = Mobile Friendly:

Does your website look as good on your mobile phone as it does on your computer in the office? How about on your iPad? Or your Android cellphone?

In today’s world, a significant number of your customers will arrive at your website on a mobile device and the trend is growing with the increasing usage of smartphones. It is very vital that your website is accessible and conversion-friendly.

Complete Digital Marketing team only designs responsive websites that provide ease of access to your visitors. Responsive website design ensures that every page on the website is mobile-friendly, and the website detects when a visitor is using a mobile device and adapts accordingly. This helps to provide the best browsing experience for your website visitors. If you’re not providing a mobile-friendly experience for your customers, they’ll bounce off your website page and go to your competitor whose website is easier to use.

Content Marketing & Copywriting Services:

At Complete Digital Marketing, we also offer content marketing and copywriting services to effectively enable you to maximize your website during and post the development phase if you don’t have in-house resources on your team to do so.

A basic level of copywriting and content marketing development is included in your website design price quote. If you find that you need extensive help from our team in developing the right type of content for your website, we are here to help and advanced support levels are available for an additional fee.

We focus on creating remarkable content that is tailored to attract and engage your unique buyer personas during their journey and all content is crafted in your brand’s voice and tone:

  •  Copywriting – webpage content
  • Blog Development
  • Article writing
  • Infographics
  • Copywriting – ebooks & whitepapers
Website Redesign

Signs you need a website redesign:

Is your website helping you achieve your business goals? – Whether your business goal is awareness, greater lead generation, or more online sales, your website is an important marketing tool to help you achieve your goals. Ask yourself if your current website is actually doing its job or not.

Is your website outdated? – This includes its visual appearance and antiquated features.

Is your website hard to find? – If you can’t be found on Google, you need to fix that ASAP with proper SEO.

Is your website browser-friendly? – Browser compatibility and being mobile-friendly are essential elements.

Are you embarrassed by your website? – If so, then there’s something definitely wrong and a redesign is in order.

Advantages & Benefits of Website Redesign

A website redesign can greatly enhance your company’s web presence if it is done the right way by the right professionals like the Complete Digital Marketing web design team. Some of the main benefits of a website redesign include:

  • Attracts more traffic to your site

Through our written marketing content that is search engine optimized by the use of relevant keywords, more attention will be driven to your website, your website will attract more visitors as a result and these visitors will be converted into leads.

  • Engages visitors with a modern look & useful content

We create a user-friendly interface with content that is engaging, clear, and precise. The user-friendly nature of your website interface and engaging contents make your website visitors stay when they visit, it works magic in a way that website visitors get carried away by the engaging content on your website, and they develop an interest in your products and services through the website contents that have provided them all the necessary education that they need to have on your offered products and services.

  • Improves the user experience

The quality of your website contents and the interactive nature of your website features that have been created bring about an improvement in user experience. Usually, people would want to visit your website to make an inquiry on your products and services, and sometimes people come to lodge complaints and be responded to. When your users’ essence of visiting your website is achieved, they tend to enjoy the experience and they would always want to come back and also make business referrals.

  • Increases lead generation

Our SEO effort increases the ranking of your website on search engines and when website ranking has been improved, you tend to be found more by your target audience when they search.

The moment you start generating traffic to your website through the search engine optimized website that we create, you attract more visitors to your website and these visitors will, in turn, be converted into leads. The more you have visitors on your website, the more you experience an increase in lead generation.

  • Increases online sales

We make strong SEO efforts on your website and its contents and this enables more website visitors. When you have website visitors coming through, the conversion will be enabled as visitors get converted into leads, and through an efficient lead nurturing program, these leads get converted into customers that go through the sales funnel to make purchases of products and services. The more you get sales conversion done, the more there is increasing online sales on your company website.

  • Compatibility with browsers and mobile devices

In this modern era, people access websites more from their mobile device since it is a device that is always present with them and because of its efficiency, portability, and ease of use. Having said that, it is important that mobile devices have been included in our design consideration.

We build websites that are compatible with all kinds of mobile devices and web browsers. Our websites can be opened from several kinds of mobile devices and browsers, regardless of screen size and the version of the operating system. You can access our websites from desktop computers, laptop computers, as well as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

  • Faster loading & download times

Usually, when website visitors try to access your website, they expect to enjoy the ease of access, and they fancy the speed at which they are able to open your website pages and make the download resources from your websites. We create websites that are fully optimized to enable users to access the websites from any location within the twinkle of an eye.

Users will be able to make the download website resources at a very high speed without experiencing unnecessary interruptions. When users are able to access your websites and download resources at faster rates, it encourages them to choose your company websites over your competitor’s website.

  • Search engine optimization benefits

We create websites that are search engine optimized, the SEO (search engine optimization) aspect of our websites means that there will be a better user experience on your website, you will be able to gain more leads and increase conversion rates.

Also, the cost of advertising your business will be lowered since you will be highly ranked on search engines and there will be less need to pay for advertisement or pay-per-click.

When your website is highly ranked, it creates brand awareness and gives your prospects the impression that your brand is credible and popular. Prospects will have the misconception that you are not well known if your website is nowhere near the top in search engines. So, it is important that we make your website highly ranked on search engines through SEO.

  • Gives you a competitive advantage

Our websites are equipped with user-friendly interfaces, efficient features and elements, and SEO content that keep you ahead of the competition. The speed of resource download and access to our websites make our websites preferred business website destinations for prospects.

We create website contents that are fully optimized using relevant keywords that enable your website to be easily found when prospects search through the search engine. A website that can be easily found has a competitive advantage because it is the first go-to place for prospects and these prospects will be converted on their visitations to the website.

Ecommerce Solutions

U.S. e-commerce is expected to grow by 13% in 2013 to $262 billion (Forrester), and the trend will continue to grow. With a successful e-commerce website design, your business can tap into a huge market and grow rapidly.

Complete Digital Marketing team provides comprehensive e-commerce website design solutions to help businesses get online with ease and enjoy a positive return on their investments.

Some of Our E-Commerce Services Include:

  • Custom E-Commerce Web Design & Development

Our intention is not to build websites that people visit and that never come back or get in contact with you again. We design custom E-commerce websites that are highly responsive using fully HTML design with custom CSS. We design Custom E-commerce Websites that are user-friendly and easy to use, these are the things that keep your audience engaged when they visit your website.

We ensure we build your company a website that serves business and sales purposes, as well as SEO and marketing purposes that will trigger a massive increase in your company’s sales.

  • Effective Product Inventory Management

It is not enough to manufacture products and distribute them, there may be problems in inventory delivery and other stages of inventory allocation. it is therefore important that your company’s inventory is well controlled and managed in order to ensure you attain your business goals.

We develop website systems that enable your company to track its business inventory and have total control over how your company’s business inventory is manufactured, stored, bought, and used. This enables you to always have the right products available to your customers at the right time, make sales efficient and manage the overall products’ lifecycle.

  • Database-Driven Product Catalogs

We are aware of the fact that your business deals with data and there is a need to develop websites that house companies and individual data in an efficient and safe manner. We design websites that have the capability to hold large pools of data and store them safely.

Through efficient storage means, your products are stored in catalogs and easily they are accessed when customers visit your website to make a search. It is important that when visitors come to your website, they are able to search for products and services, and get the search results with all necessary details in real-time.

  • Shopping Cart Integration

Shopping cart integration is important in E-commerce websites, largely due to its important role in the retailing business. When vendor’s business reaches a certain stage, they tend to use various B2B services to make their processes simple. Vendors try to seek help from inventory and warehouse management solutions, email marketing, and some other systems, but this approach is never enough because none of their services can work without the customer’s data and the reason to establish a connection with the shopping cart by integrating with them arises.

At Complete Digital Marketing, we design website features that serve as an interface between the E-commerce websites and the necessary web infrastructure that enables E-commerce website owners to automate and organize their retail businesses such as order management, marketing automation, shipping management, and other needs for them to access and collect customer’s information, and control their buying experience while efficiently handling customers’ payment and this cannot be achieved without shopping cart integration.

    • Online Payment Processing Integration

Millions of businesses use online payment as their means of accepting payments and sending out payouts on their E-commerce stores. Our websites have payment gateway integration that enables the processing of credit card payments online.

The online payment processing feature of our websites works in a way that it transfers vital information between websites, electronic devices, payment gateways, or processors and vice versa for the processing of payments.

  • Integrated Shipping Options

We provide you with integrated shipping options that boost your business’s conversions, improve customer loyalty, build business credibility and streamline your business operations.

We partner with leading shipping providers that deliver fast, reliable, and affordable options that your customers will be on the lookout for. We are aware that customers’ journey doesn’t end in the sales funnel, there is a need to guide them through the process of shipping products and provide them with all the needed information at every stage of shipment with notifications and real-time tracking.

High valued companies need shipping options that will meet up to their customers’ demand, that’s why we provide integrated shipping options that will enable prompt delivery of products to their customers at affordable costs and this helps to enable customer trust and retention.

As your business grows, time becomes one of your most important resources and there is need to manage time in the best possible way. The integrating shipping options that we provide on your E-commerce website connects your E-commerce website to shipping providers and it lets your business meets up with products delivery in real-time, especially at rush hour.

Are you having the mindset that you are running a small business? Even when you are running a small business that you only do few products shipping in a week or two, growth can occur at any time. Drastic business growth may come through your digital marketing efforts and other marketing strategies. Adopting an integrated shipping options helps to prepare for the future and continue to enable business growth.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers are the most important people involved in business and Customer Relationship Management is said to be the heart of every business. As business owners and administrators, there is need to find a way to manage customers and interact effectively with them.

At Complete Digital Marketing, we build E-commerce websites that have a working Customer Relationship Management system built in them. Our Customer Relationship Management system combines strategies and technologies that are used to manage customers’ behavior, interactions and customers’ data throughout the customer lifecycle.

The customer relationship management that we provide includes emails to mass mailings, inbound and outbound customer support. The essence of customer relationship management is to build customer base by enabling positive experiences with customers that let them come back to patronize your business and make referrals.

  • Content Management System

When you think about running your website, you may be worried about having to deal with code. Afterall, not everyone likes chunks of codes! We cannot ignore the fact that every website is built on code.

In order to solve the problem of having to deal with codes that may be tedious for lots of website users to get along with, Content Management System has been develop for ease of use. You will be able to do without codes and enjoy working on your tasks like creating content in a user-friendly text editor and design view.

We create a human-friendly content management system interface that allows you to write, edit, store, manage and publish your contents. The created contents will be stored in the database and the contents will be displayed in the presentation layer that is based on sets of templates.

The Content Management System enables you to create contents, store contents, carry out workflow management and put contents live. People can collaborate on the Content Management System, that is, multiple users can login to the system and make contributions, they can create and edit the contents that are meant to be published.

Advantages & Benefits of E-Commerce Websites
  • Your business will have its store open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Very low overhead compared to a bricks and mortar store.
  • Opportunity to reach new markets beyond your state and even globally.
  • Sell a wider range of stock items.
  • Make more profit per item sold.
  • Great potential to upsell and increase the total sale value of each customer.
  • Intuitive ability to cross-sell and offer other complimentary products at checkout.
  • Gain higher level of data intelligence about your customers behavi-or, likes, desires etc.
  • Ability to capture email addresses of potential and existing customers for e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Increased social media engagement by your customers to share items they have purchased or put on their wish-list.
Custom Website Development Solutions

Delivering to Meet your needs

Complete Digital Marketing offers tailored, custom website solutions for your digital ideas:

Our in-house team of talented web developers will bring your ideas to life and help your business grow online. Our clients often request custom website solutions and features for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To meet the needs of specific user groups (i.e., languages, members, special clients)
  • To integrate other applications with the website in order to provide a better customer experience and improve productivity
What we can do for you

Complete Digital Marketing web development team has worked on numerous custom and complex features that have provided significant return for our clients. Here are samples of some custom and complex website features that we can implement to meet the needs of your business:

Multiple website platforms
  • Multilingual websites

There are over 4.54 billion people using the internet in the world today and this makes it possible for e-commerce websites to take business advantage of this huge presence of people on the internet.

Taking advantage of the large presence of people on the internet by businesses requires large amounts of efforts and marketing strategies. There have been business strategies put in place to drive businesses; business strategies such as marketing strategies, brand building, relationship management and more have been put in place, but these can never be enough, there is need to adopt a strategy of building a Multilingual Website that accommodates different people with different socio background and languages all around the world.

While it is the simple fact that English has been a dominating language, there are other languages that are used widely in many parts of the world today, languages such as French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and more are widely spoken languages. Imagine if you have a business website that enables these many languages, it will mean that your website possesses the ability to attract more audiences and enable more conversions.

We create Multilingual Websites that display contents in several languages since internet is not only being used by speakers of English language. Our Multilingual designed websites enable businesses to give their customers the impression that they care about them and their needs, it leads to an increasing sales opportunity, enables businesses to become more successful than their competitors and become easily found through the search engines since people search for businesses through search engines using different languages.

  • Multi-branded websites

In order to determine the right kind of website that will be ideal for your company, you need to consider the relationship between your brands, the needs and wants of your target audience. If you are interested in a website that sells many brands and add new products many times a week, the ideal website for you would be a Multi-branded website.

We design Multi-branded websites that offer a wide range of products and give your customers the opportunity to find the most suitable product for them when they visit your website to make purchase of products. Most customers like dealing with different brands and they enjoy the opportunity to choose between brands, the opportunity that our Multi-branded website presents your business brand and customers leads to a positive customer experience and increasing sales opportunity.

  • Management company websites (for restaurants, real estate, etc.)

Getting the best management company website is important for the growth of your business. Your management company website’s presence means so much, especially in today’s business world. With the right website design, management company website has the ability to use resources as a tool for current customers and as a marketing strategy to get new businesses.

Managing company’s properties can be so demanding, especially if you are running a business like a rental service. The rental service duties can entail overseeing rental units, screening tenants, maintaining properties, carrying out marketing campaign, accounting for finance and more. You have to be able to carry out all these duties effectively for your business to survive and stand any chance of growing. Hence, the need to consider adopting a management company website.

Your website is the face of your business, people find your business through the internet by visiting your company’s website. If property owners are to find your management company website, they do so by visiting your website and this makes it important to have a management company website.

Getting a management company website is not enough, it is important to create a management company website that makes you stand out from your competitors. Remember that you compete for the same set of customers and standing out will make the big difference.

We create dynamic Management Company Website that will allow you to be able to efficiently manage your company’s activities, resources and duties. Through our Management Company Website, your tasks will be streamlined and automated so that you can be more efficient in your operations, reduce costs and increase revenue generation.

Our websites are planned and designed by considering our experience with lots of Management Company Websites so that we can point out their website’s limitations and weaknesses, and largely improve on ours. We spend time and resources to test our websites for conversions so that you can be experiencing more sales conversions.

Directory websites
  • Association websites

Creating a strong online presence for your business involves using an Associate Website. Your website is important ingredient of your association’s outreach, marketing strategies and engaging strategies.

We build websites that grow member organizations and serves as catalyst for revenue generation for associations. Our Associate website improves content publishing ability of associations, traffic and engagement. It also provides means of marketing that aids organizational growth.

Our Associate websites are full of important information with the presence of resources, internal and external links, updated contents and online forms. The website will be frequently updated with upcoming programs, seminars, events, breaking news and more.

  • Membership functionality

Membership functionality provides a good way to build reliable source of revenue generation for your business. If your company runs a business that sells different membership products, it is important to have a website that has membership functionality.

We build membership websites that include free signup forms, Login page designs, custom registration form fields, multiple membership levels, multiple payment gateways that enables payments and more, and you will have the ability to login, hide protected contents and integrate with email service.

  • Distributors websites

Distributors have a lot of products and services to offer, it is so much that it can be very overwhelming trying to put all your products’ information on a website. As a distributor, you need a website that possesses all the functionalities that are needed to display all your products regardless of the number, you need a website that drives as much attention as the commitment you give your partners. The distributor website plays an important role in business growth and a seamless customer experience is achieved through it.

A distributor website creates deeper customer relationships and it brings about business competitive advantage. We create distributor websites that provides readable contents in the form of blog posts, pdf contents, eBooks and more, these will help to build your contact base of prospects. Providing unique and engaging contents also establishes your company as a thoughtful leader in the business industry.

Buyers always want to know if the amount of money they are paying for a product is worth its value. Reviews and testimonials that are present on distributor websites help to encourage buyers in making buying decisions because they signify the experiences of your customers that are satisfied with your products and services.

  • Professional services listings

Professional service listings are effective way to make your business known by a larger audience and it is one of the best ways to grow your business.

We create professional service listings that enables your business to get equipped with what it needs to promote your company’s products and services. We adopt methods that makes you become smarter, more increasingly professional and individualized.

With the professional service listings, you will be able to do more in terms of showing off individual competence, their areas of expertise, skills, offered services, certifications and more. The presence of profile page module makes it possible to describe the qualities possessed by professionals and it’s a great way to show what they can do.

B2B E-commerce
  • Product catalog integration with ERP, POS, CRM

As merchants’ businesses grow, it is important that they have software systems that manage various areas of their businesses and perform specific tasks, the business areas can be areas like managing inventory, processing order, accounting, shipping, processing payment, providing customer service and more.

Some of the resources that can be used to perform merchant business tasks are ERP, POS and CRM. These technologies can become the backbone of your business that take care of your various business processes like order processing and order management, inventory management, financial management, accounting, customer service etc. The problem here is how you integrate your product catalog with the ERP, POS, CRM and other technologies in order to be able to share information and resources.

We create websites that integrate with ERP, POS, CRM through API integration. Our system integration allows you to provide customers’ experience with process automation through different API integration. The instances of wrong payment, order mishaps, inaccurate product information, mismanaged customer handling, wrong delivery and more will be avoided through automation by integrating with the appropriate API.

Integrating product catalog with ERP, POS and CRM comes with lots of benefits as it saves time that would have been wasted on data entry, there is data accuracy since you don’t have to do manual data entry that is prone to typographical error and integration allows you to have instant access to data the moment it is needed.

  • Customer accounts portal

It is important that customers have a place on the websites where customers can create account information, manage their information and they will be able to manage their services. This will give customers a sense of belonging and it will enable them to have power on how they want their information and services to be managed.

We create websites that have customer account portals where customers have real-time access to important account data and selfcare services. Through the customer accounts portal, customers have the ability to create accounts and they are able to take actions on their accounts without necessarily contacting a third-party.

  • Dealer pricing discounts

Every customer is always looking for the best pricing system when they are making purchase. Enabling the best kind of product pricing is a great way to get more sales and attract new customers.

We create websites that have dealer pricing discounts program section, especially for merchant websites. This enables customers to enjoy the best kind of pricing system and it in turn increases sales and revenue generation for your business.

Product configurators
  • Preview custom products

A lot of time, people judge a book by its cover. One of the best approaches to be taken in attracting more customers to your products and getting more sales is to find a great way to display your E-commerce website product items.

We make marketing and sales efforts by turning your E-commerce product items into customizable products by using real-time 2D, 3D and AR technologies, by using this approach, customers are able to preview your customized products and get attracted to the scintillating views. Customers will be able to view their customized products’ images in live and 3D model and they will be able to zoom in and make interactions.

You will have the ability to determine the way you want your products to be displayed and build your own version of the customized products by using our editing tools that enable you to change elements, font, color, image dimensions, curvature and image rotation.

  • Multi-variable pricing

Achieving your business goals largely depends on your pricing strategy. If your company is willing to offer the best product at the best possible price, multi-variable pricing is the way to go. The key to maximizing profit and increasing revenue generation is to use the Multi-variable pricing strategy that helps your business make more profit from every customer’s knowledge of value.

We adopt multi-variable pricing framework for your business because of its significance in generating more profits for your business from customer’s by taking advantage of their different perception of products’ value, instead of selling products at fixed rate. Using the multi-variable pricing approach, you will be able to get more higher rate from those who are willing to pay more for your product due to their perception of the value of your product while increasing customer base.

The strategies used in multi-variable pricing are differential pricing, segment-based pricing and price bundling. Differential pricing means selling the same product at different prices to different customers, price bundling means selling different but very similar products at different prices while segment-based pricing means using new pricing strategy with the intention of converting leads into customers.

  • Generate PDFs

A lot of website users tend to enjoy the ability to make downloads of content in PDF format so that they can easily view contents and make printouts. We create websites that enable you to generate PDF file using dynamic data.

Our Website Design & Development Process

Website design is crucial to your marketing strategy. In fact, if your website is not in your plans for business growth, it is costing you money! Your website is an online hub that provides visitors from all channels with valuable information, credibility, branding, positioning, and persuasive messaging that is crucial to driving more traffic, leads, and sales.

Complete Digital Marketing team lays out a comprehensive blueprint to your website design or redesign, that will help you meet your business goals.

We are more than a traditional web design and development firm. We generate, nurture and develop qualified leads. By engaging customers and prospects, we increase your brand awareness, credibility, value, demand, and revenue. We make your website work harder, smarter, grab traffic, convert leads and build sales. We’ll show you measurable results.


Here is an overview of the phases of our website development process:
Phase 1: Info Gathering / Needs Assessment
  • Send Complete Digital Marketing Website Intake Form to client
    After getting in touch with us for your website design, we will send you our website design intake form with necessary information, guidelines, terms and conditions of service.
  • Completion of Complete Digital Marketing Website Intake Form by Client

We expect that you accurately complete our website intake form by following the guidelines that we provide. When this form is adequately filled, it will assist us to move to the next step.

  • Review of Completed Form by Complete Digital Marketing
    We will review your completed website intake form and make necessary correction if there is need to do so.
  • Re-Define / Finalize Purpose and Goals of The Website; Target Audience and Buyer Personas, Along with Desired Call-To-Actions for Website Visitors

We will carefully review the purpose and goals of the proposed website from the information you provide. Your target audience and potential buyers will be taken into consideration together with the features your website visitors will likely need.

  • Send Client 3 Website Layouts to Review

Three sample website layouts will be sent to you for review, this will enable you to have a say on what is expected of your website’s look and feel.

  • Selection of Layout Design of Choice (Will Be Fully Customized) 

After reviewing the website layouts that were sent to you, it is expected of you to select the website layout of your choice.

  • Analysis of Top Competitor Websites

The importance of analyzing your competitors’ website is recognized, we will therefore carry out a deep analysis of your competitors’ websites in order to be well guided on how we can deliver a website that serves as improvement on your competitors’ websites.

  • Alignment of Website with Overall Brand Identity and Marketing Plan That’s Being Established for The Company

There is need to bridge the gap between your website, its brand identity and marketing plan. In our design consideration, we will ensure that your brand identity and marketing plan have their respective places.

Phase 2: Determine Website’s Structure
  • Determine Sitemap (Main Topic & Sub-Topic Areas) & Navigation Scheme

We will determine the page structure of your website by showing the actual pages that will be on your website in hierarchical form and we will also determine the different ways that users can check through your website to locate its contents through a navigation scheme, the navigation that can be at the top or on the page itself.

  • Determine Website Content & Responsible source

Websites are engines for advertisement and a great way to attract audience. Contents are what drive the advertisement and they are what audience get attracted to. We will determine your website content, the kind of contents that will most likely attract your target audience and where these contents can be placed in the best possible way. Your website contents include the following:

  • Text for website pages
  • Custom Images
  • Video (i.e., embedded from YouTube or Vimeo, or self-hosted)
  • Audio
  • Photo Gallery
  • Documents (Whitepages, eBooks, etc.)
  • Forms / Landing Pages
  • Content feeds (from other websites, for example)
  • Social media streams
  • Blog articles
  • Testimonials
  • Widgets / special offerings
  • Start Creating & Designing Content and Collecting Info Needed for Content from Client

In determining the kind of contents to be written on your website, we will seek your opinion, ideas and input on the kind of contents you want on your website. We will also consider the aim and objectives of your website, the target audience, location and more criteria. The moment we are able to gather all the needed information, we will start writing your website contents from the gathered information.

Phase 3: Initial Design
  • Layout / design / mockup of 3 – 5 pages on AM testbed server

At this stage, we will start drafting the visual design and layout of the website. We are starting with the user interface mockup of the website here, the user interface mockup shows the design elements of the website, the color scheme, buttons, menu, typography, logos and others that represent the user interface of the website.

  • Keyword Analysis and Identification of Keywords to Be Used on Client Website for Search Engine Optimization

One of the essences of having a website is to drive traffic to your website and gain all the needed attention. Keyword analysis is crucial to driving traffic your website because it is the starting point of search marketing campaign.

We perform keyword analysis and identify relevant keywords and phrases that will be included in your website contents for search engine optimization. We perform search engine optimization that ensures that your website ranks high on search engines and it will make it easier for your website to be found by your target audience.

  • Continued Creation & Designing of Content and Collection of Information Needed for Content from Client

Content is king and the quest to get the best kind of contents for your website doesn’t end. At this stage, we further obtain information about content from our clients, we get their input, and continue creating and designing content.

Phase 4: Design Review & Revisions
  • Review of Initial Site Design by Client

A lot of people think design is a thing of taste. What works for me may not work for someone else and that is why it is important for clients to have a say in coloring their website as they deem fit. It doesn’t just stop at the design aspect; clients have to be sure that the website that is being designed possesses working functionalities that enable them to achieve their goals. Clients are therefore given the opportunity to make review of the initial website design. Clients carefully examine the initial design of their website, they make comments and suggestions based on their perception of the initial design, and we take their comments and suggestions as feedbacks that help us to improve the design process.

  • Submittal of Revisions by Client

Since clients are given the opportunity to review the initial design of the website, it is important that they submit the revisions. Clients submit the revisions of the design that comprises of comments, suggestions and all necessary inputs, these are the things that give us hints on the direction clients expect their design to go and what is expected of us to do to reach their optimum satisfaction.

  • Continued Creation & Designing of Content and Collection of Information Needed for Content from Client

After receiving client’s review of design, the next thing we do is to continue creating and designing the contents of their website. We obtain all necessary information that help us in content creation from the client and continue creating content in line with the obtained information.

  • Revisions Implemented by Complete Digital Marketing

Here, we have gotten to a stage that a lot of design has been done and it is only beneficial that we review the website design that we have done so far. There is need to check if everything is working the way they should and if everything is in good order, in terms of ensuring elements of good design has been implemented. Here are some of the important criteria that the designed website must conform to:

User-friendliness Interface: The website user interface is well organized and complexities are being avoided such that website visitors are able to access the website in a straightforward manner, providing fast access to common features and commands.

Clear Steps: There are clear laid-out steps that guide visitors on where to go from the main page.

Good Visual Design: The main page has an attractive visual design using images, animations, thumbnails or videos that call the attention of website visitors.

Right Message: Determining if your website is passing the right message that enables website visitors quickly decode what your website is all about.

Prompting Call-To-Actions: Ensuring there is at least one working prompt on the website that tells website users to take certain actions such as “Buy Now”, “Sign Up” etc.

Calling the Right Emotion: Pretend like you are just visiting the website for the first time, then ask yourself a question if it is making the right impression you want the website visitors to perceive.

  • Final Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Pages

We will make modifications to parts of your website pages by making all necessary search engine optimization efforts. This will make positive impact on the performance of the website, make user experience better and lead to improved website performance in organic search results.

Phase 5: Beta Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Test How Website Looks in Targeted Web Browsers

Websites users access websites from different kinds of browsers, and the primary essence of creating a website is to allow users visit your website without experiencing any problem.

We will carry out a cross-browser testing that ensures your website runs efficiently across acceptable number of web browsers so that users are able to access your website using different kinds of web browser.

  • Verify All Features/Functionality Operate Properly

Website functionality is all what your website is capable of doing. It goes down from the actions that are performed by website users to engaging contents and interactivity. Enabling the right functionalities is crucial in attaining website’s success.

We perform a comprehensive functionality test on your website, we verify and ensure that all website functionalities are functioning efficiently.

  • Verify Forms Work and Send Information to The Intended Recipient(S)

Website forms are important components used in this digital age for the purpose of conducting business and social media. It is important to have forms on your website that are responsive and function efficiently. If users can fill out forms on your website and receive prompt response, it will lead to an increase in client base and if users fill out your website forms that are not working or sometimes fail, it will only lead to loss of trust and website users.

We conduct a thorough test on your website forms and send out information to recipients. The behavior, efficiency and speed are examined and this allows us to make the needed improvement on the website forms and message sending.

  • Verify Internal and External Links Work

It is important to check internal and external links for efficiency. Are the links really up and working? This is a question that should be addressed. We are all aware that internal links are links that lead to the pages on your website while external links are links to the other partner websites. In a situation where you have links that are not responsive or slow to load, bad user experience will be the norm, and this can lead to loss of website users and businesses, and damage the reputation of your brand’s website.

We carry out adequate checks and verifications on internal and external links by multiple clicking and loading of webpages, through this we will be able to determine if the links are working or not, the rate of loading speed will be determined, and the consistency and responsiveness will be shown. We will make necessary link fixings if the need arises due to link error or inconsistency.

  • Verify Images Are Sized Properly

The ideal image size largely depends on the kind of device you are accessing website image from. So, it is important that all website images are properly sized in such a way that will be well seen by all users regardless of their device screen size.

We carry out proper image verification by checking if images match with their given width and height. The basic concept is to size images in a way that they can be clearly seen from users’ commonly used devices. It is important that image width and height are displayed correctly while maintaining a specific aspect ratio and high color resolution that lets them become attractive and clearly seen by website visitors.

  • Verify Any Links to Third-Party Software, Such As E-Newsletter Signup, Demo Software, Etc. Work

Links to third-party software are gotten without any warranty and they are used at own risk, therefore, it is important to verify these links. The links to third-party websites are accessed at own discretion with the agreement that you will be solely responsible for any damage they pose to your computer or website system. These links could include technical errors, inaccuracies and other kinds of error, third-party software could be out of date, e-newsletter signup forms could be exposed to leakages and fraud.

Having stressed on the disadvantages that come with links to third-party software, e-newsletter signup, demo software and others, it is important that proper verification is carried out on these links in order to prevent the problems that could arise from using these links.

We carry out extensive verification that gives us detailed performance characteristics of links to third-party software before fully implementing them on the website. We study the trends, vulnerabilities and limitations of the link to third-party software, and we check how these links respond when multiple users are using them at the same time. These approaches enable us to know what works and what doesn’t work, and we will be able to get the best possible solution through this. 

  • Confirm Checklist of All Placeholder Content That Needs to Be Replaced by The Final Copy

Contents plays a vital role in ensuring the success of a website. That is why it is important to confirm checklist of all placeholder contents, either the ones that need to be replaced by the final copy or the ones that will be retained on the website.

We carefully consider the contents that will be displayed to the users as much as we consider other elements of the website design. We verify and confirm that the right placeholder contents that helps the website grow are present and placeholder contents replacement are made by the final copy that has been well put up together.

Phase 6: Migration to Live Domain
  • Schedule and Confirm Migration Date with Client

When we are done with website design, testing and quality assurance, the next thing would be to schedule and confirm the date that the website will be migrated to the live domain.

Our team of website migration experts contact clients to determine the date of website migration by making proper consultations and discussions with our clients. We both agree on a date that works for both parties and sufficiently plan for the migration process.  

  • Migrate Website from AM Testbed Server to Client’s Live Domain

We are highly committed to providing you a website that is up and running. After a successful review of your website components and your website is found ready to be migrated, we will handle migrating your website to the live domain in such a way that significant changes that will allow your website to be visible in search results will be made to your website when your website is moved to the live domain.

  • Perform Quality Assurance Steps Again from Phase 5

After migrating your website to the live domain. We will perform an extensive functionality test on your website, its features, forms, internal and external links. We will verify and ensure that all website functionalities are functioning properly and the performance is up to expectation as the website is in the live domain.

  • Install Any Analytics Tracking Codes Provided by Client (Or Create & Install New Google Analytics Code on Site If Needed)

Installing analytics tracking code allows you to track the number of website visitors that come to your website, the relevant search keywords they used to locate your website, the amount of time they spent on your website, the activities they perform, goal conversion and a lot more.

Our team of experts help to install tracking codes that have been provided by client or install google analytics code which is a widely used one. With this, you will be able to learn about your website visitors and enjoy making conversions using the right amount of information that you have at your disposal.

  • Submit Website’s Sitemaps to The Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

Google and Bing search engines don’t rely on manual submission of website, crawling is their way of finding new websites and webpages. The way out is to submit sitemaps to Google and Bing so that your website will be found by this search engines.

We understand that you want people to use search engines to make search and your website comes up as one of the top search results. In order to get found, we will submit your sitemaps to Google and Bling to ensure that your website is present these search engines and any other search sites that are powered by their search engines.

  • Monitor Site For 3 – 4 Days for Performance

After your website’s full implementation, we will monitor the performance of your website for 3-4 days. We will keep an eye on your website and monitor it for efficiency, consistency, accuracy and speed.

  • `Provide Client or Designated Party with Website Administration Training (If Website Design Is Not Part of An Inbound Marketing Service Package or If Complete Digital Marketing Is Not Providing Monthly Maintenance of The Site)

Our group of trainers will be made available to give you and your team adequate training on how to administer your website and daily running of the website.

  • Send Client Email with All Usernames and Passwords Affiliated with The New Website

We care a lot about the security and safety of our clients’ website. Every measure is taken to prevent unauthorized access to your website and your website access is being secured using credible usernames and passwords.

Your website has its username and password that enable you to have administrative access to your website. We will send your website’s affiliated usernames and passwords to you in a confidential way.